How Relationships Should Develop

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How Relationships Should Develop
How Relationships Should Develop

Video: How Relationships Should Develop

Video: How Relationships Should Develop
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The relationship between a man and a woman in love proceeds in stages: from love euphoria to complete acceptance of each other. If love does not withstand numerous trials, then it is not destined to last long. What are the stages in the development of relationships?

How relationships should develop
How relationships should develop


Step 1

The first stage is the emergence of sympathy, sexual attraction between a man and a woman. At this stage, a man evaluates the appearance and figure of a woman, it is beauty and sexuality that attracts him to her. A woman is more interested in demeanor, sense of humor, and the level of intelligence of a man. It is because of the emergence of sexual attraction that people then say that they had love at first sight. In fact, only a man can fall in love with his eyes. So, mutual sympathy has arisen, what should follow?

Step 2

The second stage is the stage of flowers and courtship. At this stage, a man and a woman try to show themselves from the best sides, they strive to spend all their free time together. The moments of intimacy are great fun. A man cares for a woman like a queen, she, in turn, shows her care, gives tenderness and affection.

Step 3

The third stage is understanding your feelings. At this stage, a man often thinks that he is making a mistake. He cannot understand his attitude towards a woman, he cannot determine what to do next. It is important that at this time the woman steps aside a little and does not put pressure on him. The usually doubting man soon reappears in her life, overwhelmed by love and passion. Then the relationship develops further.

Step 4

The fourth stage is mutual love. At this stage, partners are confident that they are the perfect couple. At this time, feelings of ownership or jealousy may arise. You need to try to avoid sharp corners and protect each other's feelings.

Step 5

The fifth stage, to which women very much strive in the development of relationships, is spiritual closeness. This is the time when a man and a woman begin to understand each other without words, they know how and how to please each other. They share the most intimate with each other, becoming even closer and dearer.

Step 6

The sixth stage in the development of relationships is "preparing for the wedding." This stage is named conditionally, as such preparation can take years. It is important that at this time the man and the woman firmly decide whether they want to tie their fate with each other forever, or they do not have such a confident desire. Even at this stage, you can break off the relationship if you are not ready to devote your whole life to the chosen one. But if this stage ends with a wedding, then the man and woman can be congratulated - their relationship ended in a logical and correct denouement.