How To Get The Love You Want

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How To Get The Love You Want
How To Get The Love You Want

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Cupid is a mischievous boy. Sometimes he directs arrows of unrequited love into a person's heart. He suffers, torments, tries to conquer his beloved … And sometimes he achieves his goal. Of course, not everyone succeeds in building personal happiness, but, nevertheless, a stubborn person who does not give up in front of difficulties has more chances to achieve what he wants than someone who does nothing.

How to get the love you want
How to get the love you want


Step 1

Before taking action, try to learn as much as possible about your object of love. Find out what the preferences of this person are, how he behaves with other people, what goals he sets for himself. Be a scout: try to establish contacts with his friends, watch him from the side. The main thing is not to overdo it, because, noticing that he is being followed, the loved one will get angry with you, and it will be difficult to build a relationship with him.

Step 2

Behave with your loved one at ease and friendly. Do not press on him, show that you are interested in him unobtrusively. In no case, crawling on your knees, do not admit that you have long and ardently love: such scenes touch people only in bad films, and in life they cause pity in their hearts, but nothing more. Wait until the relationship with the guy improves, moves to a different level before saying words of love, or even better, wait for him to say them himself.

Step 3

If you see that your loved one is not paying attention to you, do not be discouraged. Think about what might attract him. For example, a poet can be conquered by the ability to listen, and physics - by the ability to think quickly. Be true to your goal, do not give up halfway through, when you face difficulties, and you will succeed.

Step 4

Be cheerful and active. Remember that people, especially men, are attracted to those who have a positive outlook on life. Try to find something good in everything, smile more often. Just never try to deceive others with fake joy: insincerity is easy to reveal. If you're in a bad mood, don't pretend to be having fun, but just stay calm.

Step 5

Before thinking about how to win a person's heart, decide if you really need it. Remember that we must answer and the one whom we have tamed: arouse love in someone, and then leave him cruelly.

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