10 Surprising Scientific Signs Of The Perfect Man

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10 Surprising Scientific Signs Of The Perfect Man
10 Surprising Scientific Signs Of The Perfect Man

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Every woman has her own image of the ideal man. Often, formed in his youth. However, there are certain standards that scientists are trying to fit people to. Learn about 10 scientifically proven, yet unexpected signs of the ideal man.

The perfect man
The perfect man

Eyebrows, chin and beard

When a woman is looking for the perfect man who will suit her for a long-term relationship, she subconsciously seeks protection for herself and the children who will certainly appear in marriage. When a woman needs an intercessor husband, she will pay attention to a man with thick eyebrows, a square chin and gorgeous facial hair. No, not all women are attracted to a beard, but subconsciously it is a thick beard that is associated with masculinity. Just remember the picture of the heroes. Each had a thick and long beard. But now, in modern times, the beard is more suitable for older men. Therefore, young women who are looking for their soul mate for a long and happy life are unlikely to be attracted to her.

According to the research of scientists, which were carried out with the participation of men and women in an active search, interesting conclusions were drawn.

The women's task was to assess the attractiveness of the same man in different stages of beard growth. Naturally, the already regrown beard was beautifully shaped, and did not stick out in different directions.

A clean-shaven man was successful in only 8% of women, 3-day stubble attracted only 2%, thick stubble, which appeared on day 10, was in the lead with 86%, and a beard won only 4%. As women have described, it is the thick stubble that is associated with maturity and masculinity.


Have you heard that scars adorn a man? Yes, scars are different. Some make the face look ugly. The women were shown photographs of men with scars on their faces. In fact, they were done in Photoshop. Each and every one has chosen those who are adorned with scars. And almost everyone assumed that the marks were left after the fight. In general, girls are bored with good boys, although for the family everyone certainly wants to be quiet and calm. But the subconscious cannot be fooled.


Women like it when a man smiles modestly. If a man is embarrassed and even blushes slightly, it has an amazing effect.



The photo showed men aged 20-22, and the same men, but 35-37 years old. All subjects, without exception, chose the second option. With age, a man becomes more balanced, confident and stable. And what is needed for family happiness? Of course, stability. Behind such as behind a stone wall.



Many boast that a man gives a thousand roses, raises fireworks into the sky, the cost of a used car. However, when someone else's husband does this, it's romance. And when his own - a spender. Women do not like misers, they love good gifts, but for a long relationship they will choose someone who spends money wisely, and does not squander. With him you can not be afraid of the financial crisis.


When a woman sees a man with her pet, she immediately notes how he treats him, and immediately transfers it to her children. That with them he will be just as caring and affectionate. In general, a beloved pet says that a person is good.


Clothes color

Women, like men, are attracted to red. If a man has something red, female attention is guaranteed to him.

Guitar Experiment

One man went outside and went to meet the girls. At first he walked empty-handed. Out of a hundred girls, only 14 were given a phone number. Then he changed and took a gym bag. Out of a hundred girls, only 9 shared their number. Then the guy put on jeans and picked up a guitar. 51 girls out of a hundred gave him a phone number.

Body odour

The expression "sniffed" turned out to be literal. The men were divided. Some ate normally, others ate exactly the same.But they added 12 grams of garlic to their diet. After dinner, everyone was given cotton pads, which the men wore under their arms until evening, actively impregnating them with the aroma of their bodies.

Then these pads were given to women to smell. More than 90% chose the scent of a pillow from "garlic" men."

The merry man

The merry fellow, the soul of the company, has more success with girls. This was confirmed by a small test carried out in an ordinary cafe. A company of 4 attractive young people gathered at one table. In the cafe, girls constantly ran in for coffee or lunch. The experiment was carried out on 60 girls. The girl went into a cafe, sat down at the next table. Here "the soul of the company" tells an anecdote. A decent anecdote. After a while, the narrator goes to meet the girl. 20 out of 30 shared their phone number and agreed to a date. The rest of the girls reported that their heart was busy. A companion of the "soul of the company" approached other girls at the adjacent tables. But for some reason the girls refused him. Despite the fact that the guy was also very attractive. And the acquaintance took place according to the previously agreed scenario.


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