Why Does The Baby Eat Poorly?

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Why Does The Baby Eat Poorly?
Why Does The Baby Eat Poorly?

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From his very birth, every child receives an innate instinct - to eat. Naturally, different babies have different appetites, some of them eat more and more often, and some less often and in much smaller quantities.

Why does the baby eat poorly?
Why does the baby eat poorly?

Causes of poor appetite in a child

It is likely that your baby is not eating well if she drinks less milk. But the child's body independently determines its needs for food. Therefore, there is no point in overfeeding the child.

This often happens when a new food is offered to the baby, for example, at the beginning of complementary feeding. Remember that the baby needs time to get used to the new taste. If you force him to eat, then later an aversion to this food can develop.

Often, babies lose their appetite when their teeth begin to cut, they just hurt. The profuse salivation that occurs at this time only aggravates the situation. It may also hurt your tummy, head, or anything else. The most common runny nose is able to discourage appetite. The body throws all its strength to fight the disease, and food requires additional energy consumption for processing. During recovery, the desire to eat may also disappear; at this time, you should not force the child to eat forcibly. It happens that children eat poorly due to stress, excitement or anxiety, persuasion and requests at this time will lead to resistance from the baby. Often, weather conditions also affect the child's appetite, for example, if it's too hot outside. Also, the cause may be pressure drops, magnetic storms, etc.

Many babies eat less by twelve months simply because they no longer need to gain as much weight as they did in the first months of life. The lack of a feeding regimen also adversely affects appetite, and sweet snacks will lead to the same result.

Why does a newborn eat poorly?

If the infant does not refuse to eat, and in the process of absorbing food begins to be capricious and becomes restless, then this may already indicate some problems. The reason for this may be that the mother does not have enough milk or, in the case of artificial feeding, the opening in the nipple of the bottle may be too small. Painful sensations when swallowing can be caused by thrush, stomatitis, etc. Problems with the intestines are possible, its peristalsis increases while eating, gas formation, constipation. If the baby's nose is clogged, then the sucking process is also very difficult.

The reason for refusal to eat may be the unpleasant taste of milk if the mother ate something spicy, salty or bitter. With formula feeding, your baby may not be suitable for the formula you have chosen, or it may be too hot or cold.

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