How To Choose Rollers For Your Child: Safety Basics

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How To Choose Rollers For Your Child: Safety Basics
How To Choose Rollers For Your Child: Safety Basics

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Many teenage children dream of their own personal roller skates. But, as a rule, parents are afraid to buy them, due to their great injury risk. However, sooner or later, parents listen to requests and think about how to choose videos for their child.

How to choose rollers for your child: safety basics
How to choose rollers for your child: safety basics

When can you buy rollers for a child

There are brave parents who buy videos for their children at a fairly early age - three or four years old. However, this approach to business is not entirely correct. Of course, children even at this age can master this sport, but, as experts say, the conscious coordination of children is manifested only by the age of six or seven. It is at this time that it is best to buy children's roller skates. Of course, you can buy them much earlier, but you should not risk the health of your child, since in some cases riding them can disrupt the fragile vestibular apparatus.

Security basics

In case you still decide to purchase skates for a child, you should know that it is best for a beginner skater to purchase skates on wheels attached in two rows. Usually, manufacturers who are trying to take care of small consumers make wheels from a higher quality and softer material. Thanks to this, they slip less and do not allow you to develop too high speed, which is especially important for a beginner athlete. Therefore, parents who bought such skates may not worry too much about their child.

Nowadays, buying skates is quite expensive for some parents. That is why not every family can afford to buy a new pair every year, as the child is constantly growing. Therefore, manufacturers took care of such customers and introduced rollers with adjustable size into production. As a rule, they are enough for several years, thereby achieving a good saving of the family budget. If you have a question about how to choose rollers that have a sliding mechanism, then the answer is quite simple. The most important thing is to see how the sliding mechanism itself works, whether it folds or unfolds easily.

Skating fasteners and fasteners are one of the most important criteria for safe riding. Therefore, before buying or driving itself, be sure to check their reliability. Ideally, in addition to the Velcro fasteners themselves, the rollers may have additional lacing, which will allow you to more securely fix the child's leg, thereby preventing injuries to the legs, arms or body.

When you go to the store to buy rollers, be sure to take your child with you, as it is highly discouraged to buy skates without trying them on. Most likely, you will measure more than one dozen pairs before you find the one you need, but on the other hand, you will find really comfortable and high-quality videos. It is worth remembering that when rollerblading, you also need special equipment, the so-called "protection", on which it is better not to save money.

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