Strangers: Safety Rules For A Child

Strangers: Safety Rules For A Child
Strangers: Safety Rules For A Child

Video: Strangers: Safety Rules For A Child

Video: Strangers: Safety Rules For A Child
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The challenge for parents is to protect their child from strangers. When the child is out of sight, it makes you worry. How can you solve this problem and not worry about your baby?

Strangers: safety rules for a child
Strangers: safety rules for a child

Many parents struggle with this problem in different ways. After all, anyone can come up to your child, while you do not see, and take him away. Now are the times when you can't be 100% calm. Sometimes they even take children away from playgrounds in full view.

For a start, it is worth telling the child about what should not be done to him. But not all children take such instruction seriously. Some people scare their children with stories that the uncle will take the naughty kids in a sack and carry them away to Baba Yaga. But this only leads to childhood fears. What is the best option? How can you be completely confident that your child will be able to behave properly with a stranger?

Important age

You need to start talking with a child from the age of 3 years. This is exactly the age when the child can already reason and understand you. The child during this period is very naive and therefore it is worth starting to work with him.

You need to explain to the child that he is safe with you and that you can only talk with strangers when you are present. If you are not there, then you cannot talk to strangers, because in the event that he is offended, no one can help. The child must understand that it is dangerous to talk with strangers and especially to go somewhere with them.

This is the best way to explain the problem to your child. Let the child communicate with strangers only in your presence. So he will develop sociability, and will get rid of shyness. And then when a stranger speaks to him, he will not be confused and, in extreme cases, will run away.

It is impossible to intimidate children with uncles with a bag. If a stranger grabs him, the child may not realize what is happening because of fear. He will think that an uncle is dragging him for bad behavior and put him in a bag, that this is a punishment.

Instructions for parents

A small child who is less than 4 years old may not even be told about how dangerous it is to talk to strangers and open the door for them. They may not yet understand. Your best bet is to turn it into a game. Take toys and try to play with your child all situations that may occur. This will help the child learn.

Situations that can be dangerous for the child:

- The stranger invites the child to go for a drive. Your child needs to know some phrases to help them escape quickly. For example, that he is late and his parents are waiting for him, or that dad has the same car and can drive it.

- The child may be asked to buy candy and go with a stranger to the store. Or they will ask you to help find a kitten. Now they can take the child away from any place. Sometimes they invite children to go on a visit to watch new cartoons that he has not watched or toys. And then you have to tell about the wrong answers and what it can lead to. And then tell the kid how to do the right thing in this situation. The child must understand that there is no need to enter into a conversation with strangers, and if this has already happened, then as soon as possible you need to get rid of him or run as fast as possible.

- If the child is alone at home and is called at the door, then it is worth telling the child to answer that there is a dad at home, but he is now in the bathroom. And let the child call the neighbors so that they deal with the stranger. Also, the child may be scared, which will call the police.

- If a child is seized and dragged in an unknown direction, he must shout at the top of his lungs and say that this is a stranger, and let them call the police. Let the toddler bite and scratch while trying to get away from the perpetrator.

Then your child will know what to do.

Rules of behavior for a child with strangers

Let the child know some rules of behavior:

- Do not stay late on the street. When the child goes home in the evening in the dark, let the parents meet him. It is worth walking along a lighted street, not going into alleys - this is an ideal place for abductions.

- Don't open the door to strangers!

- Don't go anywhere with strangers, even if it seems like a very attractive pastime.

- Don't let anyone touch you, keep your distance from the stranger. If you can see that he is approaching - you need to run!

- You can't get into someone else's car or believe that they will buy you something.

These tips are sure to help keep your child safe. The main thing is to correctly explain to the baby the whole complexity of the situation. He must understand that strangers cannot be trusted.