Safety Rules For Children

Safety Rules For Children
Safety Rules For Children

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Raising children is a pleasant and very responsible job. Each parent tries to put in his child the grain that will grow and give good fruits. We are talking about what you need to deal with issues with the child so that he grows up healthy and brave in society. The first and foremost topic for a child is his safety. From an early age, you can come up with role-playing games with dolls and soft toys on this topic. That is, in a playful way, explain to the child what can and cannot be done. How to behave and what to answer are pressing questions that should become a reference book for parents on parenting.

Safety rules for children
Safety rules for children

Rule 1. Do not go anywhere with strangers.

Even as a child, we were frightened by evil guys with a sack. But not without reason. To his

The child can be explained that it is not worth going with strangers anywhere. A great idea for an educational conversation can be a book with vivid illustrations, which clearly describes what can happen if you do not listen to your parents. You can watch educational cartoons with bright characters on a similar topic. To consolidate what you saw, have a conversation with your child. But, in any case, do not frighten the child. The result can be unexpected. Lessons are held with older children at school. And you also need to talk to them, only on an equal footing, without hiding the consequences that may lie in wait for a child with rash actions.

Rule 2. Do not walk on the street until late.

This rule cannot be neglected. The child should be provided with a framework. That is, the time until which the child must return. And this is not because mom wants it, but because it can really be dangerous. You should not punish a child for being late, it is better to talk about how you worry about him.

Rule 3. Rules of conduct in an emergency.

A child should know such rules like the back of his hand. If the child finds himself being stalked, you can try to escape. And you need to run to a crowded place, ask any adult for help. It is important that the child knows your phone as a keepsake. Then, he will be able to call you from someone else's phone. Any adult will give a phone to call mom. The main thing is for the child to act in such a situation. Teach the child, if they grab him and try to drag him by force - biting, rubbing and screaming, a common thing that should be applied in such a situation.

In general, there is always a way out of any situation, and the child should know this.

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