How To Choose A Quality Playpen

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How To Choose A Quality Playpen
How To Choose A Quality Playpen

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Many young parents face the question of buying a playpen. After all, mom and dad may need to leave their child alone for a while. At the same time, they must be sure that the child is safe. It is worth choosing a playpen that is suitable in terms of parameters and satisfactory in quality, and this issue will be resolved.

How to choose a quality playpen
How to choose a quality playpen


Step 1

First of all, check the stability of the arena structure. This is the main condition for ensuring its safety. The model you choose shouldn't be too light. Then the baby, playing and moving inside the arena, will not turn him over.

Step 2

A safe playpen should be free of parts that could injure your little one. So, pay attention to the quality of the mesh - do not be too rough and stiff to the touch, so as not to scratch your hands. The structure should not have loose parts, protruding bolts.

Step 3

When choosing a playpen, consider the material used by the manufacturer to cover it. Usually a cloth or oilcloth is used. Choose what you like, but keep in mind: oilcloth is easier to care for, but it may be less durable and less comfortable for the baby than waterproof fabric.

Step 4

When choosing the color of the product, pay attention to the model, made in a calm color scheme, if the baby is too active. Otherwise, he will be in an excited state in the arena. For a calm kid, you can buy a brighter playpen.

Step 5

The size of the playpen should not be too small. Of course, you will choose it depending on the size of the room. But know: in a very small space, the baby will not be comfortable. The presence of additional parts, for example, hanging handrails, doors with a zipper, is convenient, but not necessary.

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