How To Choose A Playpen

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How To Choose A Playpen
How To Choose A Playpen
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The decision on whether to purchase a playpen or it is quite possible to do without it should be made by each family individually. Some believe that this device makes life much easier for mom, while others say that the playpen did not meet their expectations. But after deciding to buy it, you need to find out the main characteristics of arenas.

How to choose a playpen
How to choose a playpen


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When looking for an answer to the question of how to choose a playpen, one should start from its size. No matter how cramped the living conditions are, it should be no less than a standard bed. After all, the child will not only have to play in it, but also take his first steps. There are rectangular, square and even round models. The most successful in terms of free space can be considered square arenas, since it is quite convenient to move around in them.

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There are models with elastic mesh instead of walls or with wooden rods, similar to those found in a children's bed. However, the former are in great demand due to their compactness. Playpens, which can be easily folded in a "book", allow them to be stored folded, while stationary playpens are intended more for vacant apartments, where the child enjoys freedom, and parents do not squeeze between the playpen and the rest of the furniture in the room. Walls made of elastic mesh prevent the possibility of injury, as the child will fall on the soft surface.

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From the point of view of hygiene, oilcloth arena parts are easier to clean than fabric ones, but they have their drawbacks. As the first teeth appear, the oilcloth parts of the arena will be bitten, which will affect the appearance of the product. Therefore, it may be worth paying attention to fabric arenas.

Step 4

A number of models are equipped with additional accessories, among which there may be various toys. This significantly increases the cost of the product. But monotonous toys quickly bore the child, so it is quite possible to tie the rattles, periodically changing them, to the handles with which the playpen is folded.

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