How To Fold The Playpen

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How To Fold The Playpen
How To Fold The Playpen

Some of the parents regard the playpen only as a means of restricting the child's freedom. And for some, it is simply overkill. Only a part of parents in the end still realize its indispensability. In addition to the fact that the playpen will reduce the area for movement of the child, it will also soften his fall thanks to the elastic coating. And the baby is busy with his own business, and mom can take a break.

How to fold the playpen
How to fold the playpen


Step 1

First you need to unfasten the velcro of the arena and remove the mattress. With the main lock turned in the direction of the arrow, pull it up about 50 cm (to unlock). Identify the locks on the sides so that they are at the top of each frame.

Step 2

Next, starting at the long sides of the arena, lift the tops of the frames. Press the handrail release buttons on both sides at the same time. The same must be done with short frames.

Step 3

To keep the frame and legs together, lift the center bushing while folding the legs inward. Then, wrapping the mattress around the playpen, secure it by passing the Velcro through the existing plastic rings. Then pull them tight and secure.

Step 4

Making sure that there are no problems with access to the handle, insert the carrying bag over the top of the playpen. Close the zipper and the playpen can be carried effortlessly.

Step 5

And, of course, do not forget to take care of the arena. Be sure to dust and wash it periodically. And this is important for a child, and its useful life will be longer.

Step 6

The playpens may differ depending on the folding methods. In the case of horizontal folding, the vertical struts (legs) are unfastened from the bottom, and then the upper frame is lowered. There can also be arenas, folding according to the "book" principle. As a result, it will become more compact, almost halving when the floor and frame are folded.

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