How To Fold The Stroller

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How To Fold The Stroller
How To Fold The Stroller

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The selection of a stroller for a baby is a serious task that falls on the shoulders of parents. It is quite difficult to choose a good stroller among the diverse range of models. Most often, parents buy a transforming stroller. It is convenient, functional and compact. But how to add it, many do not know.

How to fold a stroller
How to fold a stroller


Step 1

Read the instructions of the stroller in the store, check if there is a foot brake in the kit. When buying a stroller for a baby with a closed body, consider leaf springs. As a rule, they should allow the wheelchair to move smoothly and be sufficiently soft. Buy a model made of breathable and waterproof material.

Step 2

Place the backrest horizontally by lowering it. Then you need to fold the hood of the stroller and change the position of the handle so that it is behind the hood. There must be catches on both sides under the armrests. They need to be lifted up so that the stroller folds down and has a narrow, compact look. And in this form, the stroller is carried in an elevator, car, public transport. It can be stored in an apartment, since it takes up little space, it can be in the corridor or even on the balcony.

Step 3

It is often necessary to remove the wheels. Removing wheels is quick and easy without using a wrench or screwdriver. Press on the wheel axle in the center, which is visible from the outside, and then pull it towards you. Remove the second one in the same way. Set them back to those center axes in the same way. To do this, hold down the button and slide the wheel back into place so that it locks in place. It takes no more than fifteen minutes to unfold the stroller and remove the wheels. A high-quality stroller has a durable folding mechanism.

Step 4

When unfolding your stroller, look at how the wheel locks work, because it will depend on how easily you can lift this object up the stairs. Pay attention to the weight of the stroller, as you will have to move it quite often. Some models have a carry, and the most comfortable and convenient carrycot. It is installed on the chassis or in the seat of the walking block.

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