How To Put A Raincoat On A Stroller

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How To Put A Raincoat On A Stroller
How To Put A Raincoat On A Stroller

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If, while walking with a small child, it suddenly starts to rain, snow or strong winds, you need to take care of the protection of the baby. Manufacturers of goods for children have provided a solution to this problem and began to produce a comfortable protective raincoat for the stroller.

How to put a raincoat on a stroller
How to put a raincoat on a stroller


Step 1

Choose a rain cover for your stroller according to its design and dimensions. If it is made as a transformer, then, accordingly, purchase a protective agent for just such a model. There are also universal raincoats that fit different models of strollers. Before buying, ask the seller to put the raincoat on the stroller, assess whether it reliably protects it from moisture, whether it provides sufficient adhesion to the surface.

Step 2

Pay attention to the material the raincoat is made of. The safest for a child's health are textiles, not polyethylene, since the latter poorly let air through, creating a greenhouse effect in the stroller and can crack in the cold.

Step 3

If you are going to put the raincoat on the stroller, take it out of the packaging and unfold it completely. The material should not have a pungent smell, otherwise it is better to refuse to use such a thing.

Step 4

Pay attention to where the top is located above the child's face and where the bottom is. There should be a window at the top of the raincoat through which you can see your baby's head.

Step 5

At the edges of the raincoat, find fasteners: Velcro bands, with which you will fix the rain protection. The window is also fastened with Velcro. Do not worry that the child will not have enough air, any raincoat should be equipped with special holes that provide for the flow of oxygen into the stroller. Ventilation, as a rule, is located on the sides, not on top, which also provides reliable protection for the baby.

Step 6

Pay attention to the edges of the raincoat, they should have an elastic band for a snug fit to the stroller. If the raincoat just dangles from the stroller, chances are you did something wrong or missed one of the bindings. Check all clasps again. Place the rain cover on the stroller so that the handle is free.

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