How To Name Twin Children

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How To Name Twin Children
How To Name Twin Children
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The procedure for choosing a name for a child is very responsible. This is all the more true when twins are expected. After all, it is necessary to choose such names so that they go well with each other.

How to name twin children
How to name twin children

It is necessary

  • - saints;
  • - an encyclopedia of names.


Step 1

Choose names that don't sound very similar. For example, Tanya and Vanya, Masha and Dasha or Nina and Karina sound interesting and cute at first glance. But babies may have confusion and difficulty remembering their own name.

Step 2

Think about how diminutive names sound like. There are names that do not imply abbreviations, for example, Jan, Klim, Ruslan or Oia. If you call one of the kids by a similar name, then the other should be called in the same vein.

Step 3

Keep in mind that both names must be combined with a middle name. If it's too long, don't choose long names. If at the junction of the end of the name and the beginning of the patronymic there are a vowel and a consonant letter, such a name with a patronymic will sound melodious and soft, for example, Gleb and Oleg Alekseevich, Svetlana and Marina Vasilievna. Combined several vowels or several consonants are more difficult to pronounce, for example: Irina and Anna Alekseevna, Rostislav and Konstantin Stanislavovich.

Step 4

Don't try to give your twins names that start with the same letter. Diana and Danil sound beautiful, but if your heart does not lie with one of the names, and you want to call the child not Diana, but, for example, Marina, do as your heart tells you.

Step 5

If you are overcome by doubts, you are tormented for a long time in thought, choose the names of the twins according to the calendar. After all, you can always choose those of the names that you like more. So, children born on January 10, saints "offer" such names as Anthony, Agafya, Babila, Efim, Glycerius, Ignatius, Peter, Nikanor, Simon, Theophilus.

Step 6

Do not combine too rare and, conversely, common names, for example: Alexander and Raphael or Violetta and Natalia, etc. Not a very good option if one name is too short, and the other, on the contrary, is long, for example, Angelica and Yana, or Yaroslav and Gleb.

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