How Much Liquid Should A Child Drink Per Day

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How Much Liquid Should A Child Drink Per Day
How Much Liquid Should A Child Drink Per Day

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The human body is 2/3 water. To maintain this balance, an adult is advised to drink at least two liters of water a day. But how much water does a child need? And what is the best way to drink it?

How much liquid should a child drink per day
How much liquid should a child drink per day

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, breastfed babies should not be supplemented with water until 6 months of age. They get the necessary amount of fluid from breast milk. For children growing on artificial mixtures, it is recommended to give 20-30 ml of water between feedings. As the child grows, the amount of fluid needed also increases.

How much liquid should a child drink

The main criterion for determining the amount of fluid is the child's desire. If he drinks reluctantly, you should not force him to do it. At the same time, if he drinks the offered water greedily, do not take away the bottle when he drinks more than the norm.

For the first six months, a child needs 100-180 ml of fluid per day. If the baby is artificially fed, offer him 20-30 ml of water between feedings. Breast milk is 85% water, so there is no need to force-water your baby if he resists.

From six months to a year, the required amount of liquid increases to 260 ml per day. After a year, the child needs 300-400 ml of fluid per day. At the age of four, this figure doubles to 800 ml. A child from four to seven years old should drink about a liter of water per day.

If the child is sick, the amount of fluid can be increased to help clear the infection out of the body faster.

When you need to drink a child

With artificial feeding, a baby needs more water than breastfeeding. In the child's body, a greater number of end products are formed, for the elimination of which water is needed.

If the air or indoor temperature is above 25 degrees, it is recommended that the baby be supplemented between feedings.

Water is necessary for the baby in case of dehydration due to intestinal disorders or fever. Dehydration can be determined by the following signs: rare urination, dry lips, wrinkling of the skin, drowsiness, pale hands and feet.

How to give a child to drink

If the baby is healthy, juices, fruit drinks or clean water are suitable as a drink. It is better if it is a special water for children, it contains minerals necessary for a child. The shelf life of an open bottle is 2 hours at room temperature or a day in the refrigerator.

In case of any health problems, the doctor may prescribe herbal teas. Chamomile helps with bloating, dill water helps with colic, linden tea copes well with colds.

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