How To Keep A Place In Kindergarten

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How To Keep A Place In Kindergarten
How To Keep A Place In Kindergarten

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Parents planning to spend the whole summer with their baby on vacation often wonder how to secure a place in kindergarten for their child during the rest. As you know, many kindergartens are closed for the summer, and only the kindergartens on duty remain to work. The rest of the children are either disbanded into different groups, or many remain at home under the supervision of their parents.

How to keep a place in kindergarten
How to keep a place in kindergarten

It is necessary

  • - conclude an agreement with a kindergarten;
  • - write an application addressed to the manager;
  • - a certificate from a pediatrician.


Step 1

Enter into an agreement with the kindergarten, in which you write down the period during which the child may not attend kindergarten due to parental leave or any other relatives. Usually this period is 75 days, but double-check this as other numbers may be encountered, such as 65 days.

Step 2

As soon as the vacation time approaches, write a free-form statement to the head of the kindergarten, something like this: "For the period of parental leave, I ask you to keep my child's place in kindergarten (indicate the name and surname of your child, as well as the year of his birth)." And please note that there is no need to pay the kindergarten fee during your vacation.

Step 3

Immediately after your return from vacation to kindergarten, provide a certificate from your local pediatrician. The child undergoes a medical examination at the child's place of residence in the children's district clinic. It will be necessary to pass the generally accepted tests.

Step 4

In the event of a change of residence, provide in advance information about the new registration in a children's educational institution. A child can be registered in the old kindergarten, if he is assigned to relatives living in the area.

Step 5

If you are employed, get a recommendation from your job that you are a good employee. Such a recommendation is needed in order to provide the childcare institution with information that you are an indispensable worker, and that a place for your child is simply necessary.

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