How To Teach A Child To Count In A Column

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How To Teach A Child To Count In A Column
How To Teach A Child To Count In A Column

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In order for your baby to be able to solve mathematical problems as quickly as possible, it is necessary that he not only knows the multiplication table, but also be able to quickly count. How to teach a child to count in a column?

How to teach a child to count in a column
How to teach a child to count in a column

It is necessary

  • - a piece of paper;
  • - a pen.


Step 1

When you start learning, start with the simplest thing - addition. To do this, take a blank piece of paper, a pen and ask your child to write down the numbers that need to be added as follows: units - under units, tens - under tens, hundreds - under hundreds. Next, draw a line under the lowest number.

Step 2

Explain that you need to add starting from the last digits, that is, from ones. If the total is less than ten, immediately write down under the units. If you get a two-digit number, then write down the number of units under the units, and remember the number of tens.

Step 3

Now add the tens and add the number you memorized in your mind after adding the ones. Explain that hundreds and thousands fit together in the same way.

Step 4

When performing operations with subtraction, explain that the numbers must be written exactly as with addition. If, when subtracting, the number of units in the decreasing is greater than in the subtracted, it is necessary to "take" ten.

Step 5

Show that multiplying a multidigit number by a single-digit number first multiplies units, then tens and subsequent digits. When multiplying multidigit numbers, proceed sequentially. First, multiply the second factor by the number of units of the first factor and write the result below the line. Then multiply by the tens of the first factor and again write the result under the first.

Step 6

Teach your child to perform operations with division. To do this, write down the divisible number with the divisor side by side and divide them with a corner, and write the result under it.

Step 7

Practice daily to develop knowledge. But keep in mind: the lessons should not be about memorization, otherwise it will not give any positive results. Do not go from one column counting operation to another. That is, until the child learns to add in a column, do not start learning subtraction.

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