How To Teach Your Child To Count

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How To Teach Your Child To Count
How To Teach Your Child To Count

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Not everyone can count quickly in their heads. Child psychologists have proven that the sooner a child learns to count, the more chances he has to excel in mathematics and science. If you do not want to deprive the child of his childhood, loading him with tasks, remember that now, when entering the first grade, the skills of counting, writing and reading are already required, so learning can not be avoided.

How to teach your child to count
How to teach your child to count


Step 1

The main thing that you should remember when teaching a child is that everything should be played in a playful way. Children quickly get tired and begin to be distracted and capricious. To avoid this, your session should not be longer than 30-40 minutes.

Step 2

Teaching aids should be bright and interesting. Such that the child himself was drawn to them. If the baby is less than three years old, it can be soft textile books with removable inserts with numbers. You can make such a book yourself from shreds, and for older children from paper. On each card, draw a large number and any objects that quantitatively coincide with this number (two dolls, three apples, etc.). Make a field on which there will be empty cells, and numbers are inscribed in them. Lay the cards face down. Have the child draw out a card at random. He says the number out loud, says what is shown in the picture and puts it on the appropriate field. So he will remember not only quantitative, but also ordinal numbers.

Step 3

With older children, you can use cubes and other objects in everyday life. Don't forget about counting in your daily life. Train on candy and fruit. And start solving small problems with your child. He had one apple, you gave him another, how many apples did he have? Or ask the kid if he took five candies and has already eaten two of them, then how much does he have left? Explain that each digit can be a sum of two others (5 is 2 plus three, or 4 plus one). This will teach your kid the simplest arithmetic problems.

Step 4

Play with your child, sometimes make mistakes on purpose and give him the opportunity to correct you. If some task is not yet capable of him, do not insist, otherwise you will discourage all the desire to learn. Postpone a difficult task, think for yourself, how to present it better and more clearly? Be sure to praise and reward your baby for his successes. You can even keep a regular school diary where you will put your grades.

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