How To Wean A Child From Being Capricious

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How To Wean A Child From Being Capricious
How To Wean A Child From Being Capricious
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A child can in a short period of time turn from an obedient toddler into a capricious, sometimes impossible to calm down. Almost all parents go through this stage. The main thing is that it does not become a habit. If this has already happened, it is possible and necessary to deal with it.

How to wean a child from being capricious
How to wean a child from being capricious


Step 1

Understand that a child has a reason for any whim. He's just too young to explain exactly what he wants or what worries him. First, deal with the cause of the screams and tantrums. Often, babies are naughty due to poor health.

Step 2

Very often, children resort to violent manifestations of their indignation in order to find "leverage" to influence their parents. This is especially true for children aged 2 to 3 years, when they begin to realize themselves separately from their parents. If you let him know that you are ready to make any concessions, just not to hear screams - that's it, this mechanism has been found. Be prepared for the baby to express any desire in this way.

Step 3

Therefore, it is better to be patient and ignore it. This is not easy, especially when the child begins to behave inappropriately in public - in the store, on the street, at a party. However, you will have to do this and show him that this method does not work for you. Explain to your family and friends that they also should not react to these temporary changes in your child's character.

Step 4

In some cases, you will have to resort to strict measures. Learn to say “no”, and if you have banned something, in no case change your mind after a scandal on the part of a child. After several prohibitions, he realizes your determination and understands the meaninglessness of his indignation.

Step 5

Use the element of play in your actions, it is easier to achieve the desired result from the child and less possibility of whims on his part. For example, if the kid does not want to eat porridge and is violently indignant about this, play with him in an airplane or a train that carries a load and must definitely get into his mouth. As a rule, a kid who is keen on playing forgets why he disagreed with you. Be sure to praise the kid for the high-quality "cargo delivery".

Step 6

Praise him for all the right actions, a positive emotional attitude reduces the craving for whims. Do not remember past scandals to him, he must understand that it does not matter to you. Gradually, the child's habit of being capricious for any reason will come to naught.

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