How To Properly Soothe A Child

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How To Properly Soothe A Child
How To Properly Soothe A Child
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Strong crying of a child can be caused by both objective and subjective reasons. Whether the baby has fallen, scared or offended, it is important to help him calm down.

How to properly soothe a child
How to properly soothe a child


Step 1

Hug your baby gently. There is no need to whine or lisp, just hold the child tightly for a while. Let him feel your support, care, protection. Tactile contact will help you to go faster after a physical injury or mental shock. Of course, this only applies to relatively minor incidents, and not when the child's health is at risk.

Step 2

Adapt to your baby's breathing. Catch a rhythm and breathe in tune with it. Then gradually begin to breathe more slowly, deeper, more calmly. The child will subconsciously begin to calm down and also take more gradual inhalation and exhalation.

Step 3

When the baby stops crying, talk about the situation. Just say out loud what happened. This makes it easier for the child to recognize and come to terms with the trauma. You need to maintain a neutral tone and avoid words of appreciation or discussion, especially with regard to the child's actions.

Step 4

The analysis of the situation can be carried out later, when the baby has completely calmed down. Talk about what could have been done to avoid an unpleasant situation or reduce the negative consequences of the accident.

Step 5

There are several more important points in adult behavior. Maintain a calm tone. Don't accept the extent of what happened. Once the child is upset, don't say the situation is bullshit. So you only alienate the baby from yourself. Instead, show that you understand and accept his reaction. But here, too, it is important not to overdo it and not begin to exaggerate.

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