How To Celebrate A Child's 10th Birthday

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How To Celebrate A Child's 10th Birthday
How To Celebrate A Child's 10th Birthday

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10 years is a round jubilee that celebrates your child's growing up. At this age, all memories and impressions are preserved for a lifetime. That is why this holiday should be celebrated in such a way that it will be deposited in the memory of the baby as a happy and joyful event.

How to celebrate a child's 10th birthday
How to celebrate a child's 10th birthday

It is necessary

  • - present;
  • - Balloons;
  • - cake;
  • - costumes.


Step 1

Decorate the room. While your baby is asleep, hang a Happy Birthday banner, colorful ribbons and balloons around the room. Let the feeling of a holiday and an amazing event come to him immediately after he wakes up.

Step 2

Invite all of his best friends, with whom he has already made friends at school and on the street, because a big company is always more fun. Cover them with a delicious and bright table, at the head of which there will definitely be a cake for the birthday man and everyone present.

Step 3

Prepare interesting contests or games for them, because children will not be able to sit at the table all the time. You can, for example, hold a competition for the knowledge of cartoons or characters, the best dance, or ask them riddles. Be sure to take care of the prizes as well. And at the end of the holiday, you can turn on a children's film or cartoon for them.

Step 4

Throw a costume party for the birthday boy and guests by handing out the costumes of some famous heroes to everyone. It is not necessary to buy a complete set, it is enough, for example, a hat and headbands for a pirate, a wig for Malvina, and so on. Let the children feel like they are in a fairy tale.

Step 5

Entrust the preparation of the holiday to professionals. If possible, contact a special company specializing in organizing children's parties. They can come up with an interesting scenario and carry it out, arriving in costumes of clowns or cartoon characters. In this case, you will not have to puzzle over the contests, and the children will be happy.

Step 6

Get out on the carousel. Perhaps your kid's dream is not noisy gatherings at all, but relaxation in an amusement park. Go to the rides with him. Invite his friends as well, so that he will not be bored, and he can share with them the joy of his holiday. In the park, you can buy balls for children, feed everyone with lunch in a cafe, or just treat them to ice cream. In bad weather, you can go to the circus or puppet theater.

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