What Toys Do Babies Need At 8-10 Months

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What Toys Do Babies Need At 8-10 Months
What Toys Do Babies Need At 8-10 Months

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The right toys will not only keep your child entertained and distracted, but also form a whole range of skills. Before heading to the store, remember what your little one can do. By the age of 9 months, the child is sitting confidently, can lie down on his own, get up, grabbing onto surrounding objects, and walks, holding onto the side of the arena or furniture.

What toys do babies need at 8-10 months
What toys do babies need at 8-10 months

We reveal the "secret"

When choosing toys for 8-10 months, remember that the baby is actively acting not only with his thumb, but also with his index finger. More subtle movements become capable of him, and fine motor skills develop. Various boxes with lids, which will open and close from above, from the side or by pushing, will become an excellent simulator. The shape of the boxes in this case is not important. In order for the baby to be interested in such a toy for a long time, choose those that have attached lids, only such a small opener can close it.

It's time to think about the first car. It's not even about the car as such, but about the ability to move. It is very good if, in addition to wheels, it is equipped with various levers.

A new look at the whirligig and the pyramid

8-10 months is the time to knock loudly with toys, so a whirligig should appear in the arsenal. Of course, this is not the design that many have known since Soviet times. Modern manufacturers have created special "baby" whirligig that rotate inside the dome without moving. The presence of a large button on top, pressing which triggers sound and rotation, will certainly please the baby.

It's a real "crime" if you don't have cubes and pyramids. The first pyramid should be small for 3-4 rings. Pay attention to the rod, it should be thick and blunt, and also fixed on a wide base part.

It is better to take cubes of medium size, made of plastic and empty inside, so that the lover of abandonment does not injure himself. Wooden structures with letters and numbers are not relevant yet. Two balls should appear in the arsenal: a small one that fits in the child's palm, and a larger one that he can throw with both hands.

The coordination of fine movements largely depends on how often the baby will perform the actions of stringing and immersing various objects. Stock up on safe boxes, baskets and the very elements of manipulation.

No, thanks

Figurative toys will have to be temporarily put aside in a distant box: cars (not as an object of movement), dolls, role-playing sets. The child will not be able to build the plot “doll bathes” or “bear eats”. The main thing for the crumbs is to master them physically and gain experience in working with various objects. Therefore, do not be surprised that the kid tears off the wheels of the car, disassembles a bright spacecraft in parts, or crawls the doll on the floor, fascinatedly watching her blink her eyes.

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