How To Make A Cabbage Costume For A Children's Party?

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How To Make A Cabbage Costume For A Children's Party?
How To Make A Cabbage Costume For A Children's Party?

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If your child wants to appear at the matinee in a cabbage costume, then you can sew this outfit for him yourself using very simple materials. Many of these are likely already in your home.

You don't have to take real cabbage to make a cabbage costume
You don't have to take real cabbage to make a cabbage costume

Simple cabbage costume

You will need:

- green T-shirt;

- green trousers;

- green socks;

- green hat or cap;

- black shoes;

- an inflatable ring;

- green wrapping paper or art paper;

- transparent tape.

Dress your child in green clothing, such as a green T-shirt and trousers. This is the basis of the costume.

Inflate the swimming ring. Put it on your child's waist. Attach the circle to the baby's waist with tape so that it holds well. Crumple up green brown paper or art paper. This will make the structure of the paper look like cabbage leaves.

Start wrapping the roll of paper around the rubber ring. Attach the paper to the circle with clear tape. The paper may need to be cut to length if it hangs below your baby's knees. Continue wrapping the paper around the baby's body until you have a thick, round ball. Now cut the paper and tape to the side.

Complex costume option

You will need:

- green felt or felt;

- green T-shirt for an adult;

- green T-shirt for a teenager;

- scissors;

- white marker or fabric paint;

- fiber filler;

- sewing machine.

It is better if the T-shirts are slightly different in color. Felt should be slightly darker than T-shirts.

Slip the smaller T-shirt into the larger T-shirt. Connect the bottom edges of the T-shirts with pins at the side seams. Now pin the bottom edges of the T-shirts together in the middle of the front and back. Continue pinning the edges in the middle until the space between the pins is 5 cm. Since one of the T-shirts is larger, you will get an accordion. Sew the bottom edges of the T-shirts together. A large T-shirt will fold over a small one.

Join the shirts together at the neckline along the seam side.

Take a rectangular piece of felt and trim the edges in waves like a cabbage leaf.

Use white acrylic paint or a marker to make “veins” on the “leaves”.

To achieve even greater semblance of a cabbage leaf, take a felt pattern, fold it in half along the sheet and sew, slightly stepping back from the fold, up the sheet to the middle. The resulting seam will resemble a vein of cabbage leaf.

Sew the cabbage leaves to the bottom edge of the baby costume, base down. Then they will be amusing to stick out to the sides. Stuff the suit with fiber between the T-shirts through the hole at the neck to make the cabbage puffy. Draw with a marker or paint the outlines of the leaves on the front and back of the suit on the top T-shirt.

On the top of the T-shirt, you can wrinkle the fabric to make the head look natural.

Sew the T-shirts by hand, joining them with a seam just above the chest line so that the padding does not come out through the neckline and keeps its shape. Sew the entire edges of the T-shirts at the throat.

Optionally, you can cut the sleeves of the large T-shirt and sew them in place with the small T-shirt.

The cabbage costume is ready for the matinee.

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