How To Choose A Play Mat For A Child

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How To Choose A Play Mat For A Child
How To Choose A Play Mat For A Child

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The assortment of play mats in modern stores is extremely diverse - from simple colorful canvases to products in the form of a cradle or playpen. Each model is intended for a specific age and can serve to develop sensory and spatial coordination, thinking, creativity and fine motor skills. It is important to choose the best option that suits your baby.

How to choose a play mat for a child
How to choose a play mat for a child


Step 1

When choosing a baby rug, first of all, consider the age of the child. For babies from 2-3 to 6 months of age, there are play mats with soft arcs, on which a variety of toys are suspended. When the child starts to sit, look for a product with sides, which are fixed in the form of a soft-padded arena. A crawling baby cannot be left in the "four walls" for a long time - provide him with space and buy a brightly colored track. He will investigate it with interest. A convenient option is a transformer: the carpet can turn into a cradle or a carrying bag. For older children, play models are good in the form of a soft puzzle, a constructor or with a plot pattern - for example, a railway or a fairy forest.

Step 2

Pay great attention to the toys that are additionally equipped with most educational rugs. These should be safe, soft and fascinating figures of different colors, sizes and fillers - "crunchy", "squeaky", rattles, printed books and teethers. High-quality toys are securely attached with Velcro - this allows you to rearrange them in places for a change. In a purchase intended for a baby under one year old, exclude small removable elements. A set of toys for a rug may be the simplest; the more expensive options are entire music or game panels.

Step 3

Decide on the size of your play mat. Usually, models are produced with dimensions from 65x75 cm to 1x1, 5 m. Your choice will depend on the situation in the apartment, the age of the baby and his preferences. So, the smallest product for a baby will fit in a crib, playpen or on a changing table. When the child begins to move actively, spread a larger rug on the floor. The carrying model should be compact and convenient when folded. Some products are equipped with hinges on the upper edge, which allows them to be used both in the floor and in the tabletop version.

Step 4

Check the quality of the materials used. They must be environmentally friendly and durable, best of all natural. The front side of the "correct" product is soft and comfortable, while the wrong side has a non-slip relief. Ask the seller for a quality certificate for the product with a mark that it has passed fire-prevention treatment. Hygienically, the norms for the use of baby accessories must be strictly observed, therefore, look for the manufacturer's instructions for caring for the product. It is good if it can be washed frequently in the washing machine.

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