Autumn Games For Children

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Autumn Games For Children
Autumn Games For Children

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Play is the main activity and development of any child. Outdoor games, outdoor games, active games perfectly train the lungs, improve the physical fitness of the child, reduce the incidence of asthma, obesity, help strengthen the immune system, and promote normal growth and development. During the game, the child hones the skill of dexterity, quickness of reaction, coordination, trains large and fine motor skills. Play is a great way to develop a child's psyche.

Autumn Games
Autumn Games

It is necessary

The season continues - autumn. While the last warm days are not over yet, try to spend all your free time outside with your children. Sometimes it seems that all games have already been replayed. But no, there is still something new. And you can even arrange games for the season. Now, for example, the last month of autumn, it is important to play autumn games for children. If you have a small group of children, go outside and play seasonal games


Step 1

Game "Cones, acorns, chestnuts"

Description: To begin with, all players go in search of cones, acorns and chestnuts. You need to collect more of them, and then divide them into as many piles as there are players. For example, each pile will contain 7 chestnuts, 10 acorns and 8 cones.

The players each sit in front of their group and close their eyes. At the command of the presenter, the players begin to touch and separate them into piles: cones in one pile, chestnuts in another, acorns in a third. Count how many items are in each pile and then open your eyes.

The presenter checks if the player has correctly sorted the items and named their number.

Game attributes
Game attributes

Step 2

Game "Autumn Etude"

Description: each player remembers some tree, flower, blade of grass, bush … And now all the players turn into a forest. A fern grows near the spruce, a mother-and-stepmother blooms in the distance, and a handsome fly agaric rises next to her …

But then autumn came and …

- strong wind blows

- it is raining

- pouring, as if from a bucket, downpour

- the sun warms up

- the first snow falls

- frost came

How does a tree or a flower behave? Children need to portray this.

Signs of Autumn that Kids Should Present
Signs of Autumn that Kids Should Present

Step 3

Tourist's Trail game

Description: draw a winding stream on the asphalt - now wide, now narrow. There is a path on the sides of the stream, but sometimes there are bumps and toadstools growing on it.

The "tourists" line up in one chain, put their hands on the shoulders of the one in front, spread their feet to the width of the "stream" and slowly all move forward together. Sometimes you have to spread your legs very wide so as not to fall into a stream, sometimes jump over bumps and try not to get into a toadstool with your foot.

If you stumble and get your foot in a stream, you stand at the end of the chain.

If you don't jump over a bump, then you must jump on one leg.

And if you hit a toadstool with your foot, the players who notice it should shout out loud: "Ugh!"

To win the game
To win the game

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