How To Use Sex Toys

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How To Use Sex Toys
How To Use Sex Toys

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Sex toys are objects designed for pleasure. There is a huge industry that is constantly offering something new for those who like to experiment. And everyone can take advantage of all this.

How to use sex toys
How to use sex toys


Step 1

Sex toys are different. Some can only be used in pairs, others are also suitable for individual enjoyment. If you have a partner, you can pick up things that both will like, and if you don't, then you can buy something to brighten up your loneliness.

Step 2

Each toy has its own purpose, sometimes there are several of them. The most popular items are vibrators and dildos. In appearance, they may resemble a male member, or they may not at all resemble this organ. But they all have an oblong shape and a pleasant texture to the touch. Usually, these items are used for oral administration. There are vaginal and anal options. The latter have a depth stop, which is convenient when stimulating the anus, does not allow objects to sink too far. Vibration is an additional stimulator, usually there are several modes of operation, which makes the process fun.

Step 3

Female stimulants are popular. They vibrate at different speeds. They are usually needed to arouse the clitoris. They are made in different shapes: a butterfly, a bird, special panties. The parts of the toy touch the delicate area and give a feeling of bliss. They can be used separately to relax without prying eyes, or together with a man. Even penetration is possible, since the toy does not interfere with sexual intercourse, but only makes it even more fun.

Step 4

Today there are alarm clocks-vibrators. They have a comfortable clitoris-like shape. The thing is placed in the panties, and the time when the device needs to be earned is preset. At the appointed hour, vibration begins. And waking up becomes a very sensual process.

Step 5

Today there are toys with remote control, such as the vibrating egg. It fits inside the woman, and the remote remains in her hands. You can turn on and off the movement, you can change the rhythm, speed. In this case, outwardly, the presence of a toy is not detected in any way. You can even go for a walk, and a companion at any time can make a woman experience an unforgettable experience.

Step 6

There are toys for men. A strap-on is an artificial phallus that is attached to a woman using special belts or panties. With this object, a woman can temporarily enter the role of a man and embody a variety of fantasies. The same items are relevant for lesbian caresses, they allow you to discover more and more vivid sensations, to enjoy the change of roles.

Step 7

Sex toys require special care. Before the first use, they must be disinfected, and then washed after each use. It should be stored in a place inaccessible to dirt and dust. And also buy lubricants that are suitable for sex toys and do not destroy their surface.

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