How To Make A Baby Hairstyle

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How To Make A Baby Hairstyle
How To Make A Baby Hairstyle

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A hairstyle for a child should be beautiful, comfortable and easy to perform. And if problems usually do not arise with short haircuts, then girls with long curls need more time-consuming styling. Beautiful long or semi-long hair can be braided in pigtails, and put into an elegant hairstyle for the holidays.

How to make a baby hairstyle
How to make a baby hairstyle


  • - a comb with sparse teeth;
  • - styling spray or cream;
  • - elastic bands and hairpins;
  • - hairpins;
  • - electric curling iron.


Step 1

Hairstyle should be done on clean hair. To make them more obedient, use a styling spray or cream - you can find special products for children on sale that do not contain parabens, alcohol and mineral oils. Apply a small portion of the product along the entire length of the hair, the strands will become smooth, stop frizz and crumble.

Step 2

Try braiding a beautiful spikelet that will work for both straight and curly hair. Comb your child's hair and separate a narrow section over the forehead. Divide it into three parts and start braiding, adding small portions of hair from the bulk to them with each throwing of the strand. Having reached the crown, you can secure the braid with a flat barrette, leaving the rest of the curls loose - this option will be especially beautiful on curly hair of medium length.

Step 3

If you want to remove all hair, continue braiding all the way to the back of your head. Then go for a simple three-strand braid. When finished, secure the end with a decorative elastic band. You can do otherwise - secure the tip of the braid with a thin elastic band and tuck it under the braid. Straighten the resulting crease so that it runs down the center of the head, from the top of the head to the back of the head. Secure the hairstyle with hairpins, sticking them in from top to bottom and slightly obliquely. This styling will last until the evening without any problems.

Step 4

You can make a girl a hairstyle with knots, it is perfect for bright everyday clothes. Comb your hair and part it in a side part. If the girl has her bangs cut, the parting can be omitted. Spray the strands with fixing spray and distribute over the entire length. Then divide your hair into four sections and secure with thin elastic bands in the ponytails. Their location on the head can be arbitrary.

Step 5

Twist the ponytails one by one into bundles, and then roll them up in the form of knots. The ends of the hair can be hidden or released outside. Secure the knots with hairpins. This hairstyle can be decorated with small bright hairpins.

Step 6

For a matinee or other special occasion, do a beautiful hairstyle with curls. Spray clean hair with thermal spray, then curl with an electric tong. To keep the curls looking natural, roll them in different directions and lift the tongs slightly at the roots. Let the curls cool and beat with your fingers. On one side, pin a fake flower or bow barrette.

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