How To Behave A Bride

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How To Behave A Bride
How To Behave A Bride

Video: How To Behave A Bride

Video: How To Behave A Bride

"Bride, in this bright moment you are the most beautiful of all …" - Igor Nikolaev sang in his song. When imagining a wedding, many often draw the image of a beautiful girl in a white dress, who is to tie the knot and become a wife. And how should a lucky woman behave before and during the celebration?

How to behave the bride
How to behave the bride


Step 1

Get busy preparing for the wedding, together with the groom and parents, think over the organization of the wedding celebration. Make your suggestions, but try to compromise when resolving controversial issues, be judicious and make wise decisions. Remember that you will become a wife and guardian of the family hearth, and scandals and quarrels can negatively affect your relationship with your future husband and his parents.

Step 2

A few days before the wedding, make sure once again that you have everything you need for the celebration. Even if you forgot something in a hurry, you will have time to buy certain things. Think over the scenario of the holiday again, do not worry, behave calmly and with restraint.

Step 3

When submitting an application and further communication with the registry office employees, follow their instructions exactly, in no case be rude. Try to prevent conflict situations that may arise with other couples who have come to apply for marriage.

Step 4

On your wedding day, in the morning, tune in to the holiday, do not let the minor troubles associated with the organization of the celebration spoil your mood. If you see something spiraling out of control, such as a guest or groom arriving late, think of something good and don't show negative emotions. It is better to call again and calmly sort out the situation than to be nervous and worried, breaking down on the close people around you.

Step 5

Be friendly with all guests, smile, enjoy meeting them, and behave naturally. After the solemn marriage ceremony, please accept congratulations from relatives and friends. Choose a person who will help you hold bouquets of flowers, because they are usually given in large quantities.

Step 6

Don't forget how you will look in wedding photos, so try to follow all the photographer's instructions.