First Aid Kit On The Road

First Aid Kit On The Road
First Aid Kit On The Road

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All parents are faced with the number one question before any trip, what to take with them from the medicines. In this article you will find tips on how to try to protect yourself and your loved ones during the trip.

First aid kit on the road
First aid kit on the road

Here I will try to give you a list of necessary medications that are needed in a first-aid kit for vacationers with children, as well as adults. So, let's begin.

1.bandage, cotton wool, hydrogen peroxide (preferably pencils)

3.adhesive plaster


5.albucid or tobrex (eye drops) visin - for adults

6.hexoral (tantum verde, or stopangin)

7.nasivin or vibrocil (nasal drops)

8.Otipax (drops in the ears)

9.validol (or corvalol)

10.rehydron (for intoxication)

11.enterodesis (with intestinal intoxication)


13.enterofuril, chloramphenicol

14.mezim forte (or enzistal, or festal)

15.linex (or bifiform) (nikoshpan or baralgin)


18.ambrohexal (or lazolvan)


20.algin (tempalgin or pentalgin)

21. paracetamol (efferalgan in suppositories)

22. nurofen (or syrup, or tablets, or suppositories)

23.Suprastin (or Zyrtec, or Claritin)

24. fervex (or coldrex) - for adults anaferon or arbidol

25.Bepanthen or panthenol

26. cream for and after sunburn

27. pills for motion sickness (dramina, or bonin, or air-sea and sometimes in lollipops)

28. "favorite" antibiotic in age dosage. Just in case, but preferably only on the recommendation of a doctor. Better sumamed and ciprofloxacin.

29. Be sure to take any medication that you are taking as prescribed by your doctor for chronic conditions.

All dosages are indicated in the instructions.

Enjoy your stay and don't let your first aid kit come in handy!

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