At What Age Can Baby Jumpers Be Used

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At What Age Can Baby Jumpers Be Used
At What Age Can Baby Jumpers Be Used
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Children's jumpers are a popular developmental simulator that allows you to strengthen the vestibular apparatus and muscles of a young athlete. However, not many parents know at what age jumpers can be used. An increased risk of injuries and a heavy load on the spine, the child's legs - all these factors indicate that it is necessary to choose a new toy for a boy or girl with all responsibility.

At what age can baby jumpers be used
At what age can baby jumpers be used


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Developing jumpers are mounted in the doorway, but today devices are also sold, which are an integral structure. Often, you can buy products combined with swings. Baby jumpers are a great find for strengthening the coordination of movements, the entire body of the baby. A baby with their help can jump, turn, stand, and learn about the world.

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Some manufacturers mark the jumpers as a product intended for children from 2-3 months. However, for a fragile body, the use of jumpers can be a real challenge. Therefore, pediatricians traditionally advise buying products not earlier than six months from the birth of a baby. It is at this time that the child can confidently hold his head and sit.

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Ideally, you should consult your doctor before choosing a model of jumpers. If this is not possible, when buying a structure, pay attention to the age and weight values. After all, all children are different, therefore, it is required to purchase developing simulators for them individually.

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You need to start using jumpers from just a couple of minutes a day, gradually the time interval can be increased. But in no case is it recommended to leave the baby in the seat alone, without adult supervision. If the baby still does not walk on its own, it is hesitant, it is advisable to let him have fun in the jumpers for no more than 20 minutes in a row.

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You can choose a simulator for the smallest if the design provides for soft rollers that will support the child during movement. These jumpers are suitable for children 3-4 months old. However, the level of development of the baby should be taken into account, if he does not hold his head and back well, the purchase of jumpers should be postponed for a while.

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You can not use jumpers without the advice of a specialist if children are diagnosed with diseases of a neurological, orthopedic nature. Also, you do not need to put the child in the seat of the simulator if he is very tired or sick, there is an increased temperature. Be sure to check if the chair is rubbing the arms and legs of the crumbs. Pay attention to the reliability of the mountings, shock absorber, spacers.

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It is necessary to adjust the jumpers in height so that a child of a certain age can put his feet completely with his feet on the floor, and his knees are slightly bent. It is usually recommended to end or limit the use of jumpers for children at a time when the baby is already beginning to actively crawl.

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