How To Understand What The Evil Eye Is

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How To Understand What The Evil Eye Is
How To Understand What The Evil Eye Is

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Sometimes a person believes that the reason that something does not stick in his life is the evil eye - imaginary or real. In order to determine whether he really exists, people turn to sorcerers and psychics. In fact, you can find out whether someone has jinxed you on your own.

How to understand what the evil eye is
How to understand what the evil eye is

The evil eye can be compared to a gap created by chance or deliberately in a person's biofield, through which his vital energy gradually flows away. The cause of the evil eye can be ordinary household envy, an unkind word, or even just a sidelong glance in someone's direction. It is not as destructive as damage deliberately aimed at someone, but a person who has been jinxed does not have the opportunity to fully enjoy life and feel full of strength and energy.

What signs indicate the presence of the evil eye on a person?

Surely there have been times in your life when after communicating with one of the people - it doesn't matter whether you knew each other or not - you felt squeezed out like a lemon. This is clear evidence that your interlocutor turned out to be a so-called "glaring" person. If, after talking with someone, you feel a sharp breakdown, nausea and dizziness, your eyes may darken, and your legs may start to give way, then this should make you think that you have become the object of the evil eye.

Very often small children become victims of the evil eye. Unfriendly people can envy their good looks, good health or irrepressible vitality. Remember, sometimes after a visit from a family member or acquaintance, or during a walk, a child simply starts crying, and there are no objective reasons for him to feel discomfort. The fact is that children are much more acute than adults, they feel any negative programs that simply physically interfere with them, and let them know about it through a sudden and inexplicable hysteria.

Practices for identifying the evil eye

You can check the presence or absence of the evil eye on a person using an ordinary church candle. Sit the person you are diagnosing on a chair in front of you, tell him to close his eyes and smoothly move the lighted candle around his body, reciting the prayer "Our Father" to yourself. If at some point the candle began to crackle, smudge and drip with muddy dark smudges, then the organs located in this part of the body were exposed to the evil eye. Hold the candle at this point until the candle flame becomes normal - if the evil eye has not had time to take root in the human etheric body, then this will get rid of it.

Another way not only to identify the evil eye, but also to remove it, is associated with the use of wax. Melt 150-200 grams of wax in a small metal container, focusing your mind on the question of whether there is an evil eye on a person, and then pour it into cold water. If the resulting figure has even outlines, and there are no vertical growths at its bottom, then there is no evil eye on the person. The less harmonious the wax frozen as a result of casting looks, the more serious the negative was directed at the person.

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