How To Fall In Love With A Guy From A Distance

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How To Fall In Love With A Guy From A Distance
How To Fall In Love With A Guy From A Distance

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Distance dating has long become one of the realities of life. More and more people find their halves through modern technical means (primarily the Internet). Nevertheless, it is very difficult to build a truly serious relationship in this way. For example, if a girl likes a guy with whom she crossed paths in the virtual space, she will have to make a lot of effort to fall in love with him.

Falling in love with a person at a distance is not an easy task
Falling in love with a person at a distance is not an easy task


Step 1

If you want to charm a young man with whom you crossed paths in the vastness of the worldwide network, be sure to pay a lot of attention to appearance. You will not have the advantages of communication in real life, where it is easier to fall in love with yourself, since you have the opportunity to use all your charm. Because, in fact, the only thing that will allow the guy's imagination to work is your photos. In order to make him think positively of you, don’t skimp on high-quality pictures that you will post to your profile on social networks or send to the boy you like by e-mail. Let these photos showcase the virtues of your adorable appearance.

Step 2

Do not overdo it in this matter - your photos should not be in any way vulgar or frank. Such pictures will silently scream only about your thirst for a frivolous relationship. If you want to win a guy's heart, this kind of photography will be a hindrance to you. In addition, do not expose those pictures that show you in an unfavorable light, for example, from a corporate party, where you too much alcohol and indulged in too much fun. This will be evidence of your frivolity.

Step 3

Consult with the guy you like about everything he knows about. It is important for men to feel in demand, significant - especially for interesting girls. Even if you are no less competent in any topic than him, do not advertise or flaunt it. Do not try to show that you are smarter than this young man (even if it seems to be so). Males, as a rule, do not feel much sympathy for those who openly compete and compete with them.

Step 4

Praise him often, not too much, however, praising him. Compliment subtly, delicately, and most importantly - sincerely. For example, when one of his messages contains a good joke, in response to this message, be sure to note this fact: they say, where can you learn such a great sense of humor?

Step 5

Support the topics that he raises in virtual communication. If your knowledge of these subjects is not too deep, try to expand them - by reading the relevant literature, etc. However, remember that you absolutely need such information not in order to amaze a young man with your own boundless erudition (too smart ladies even scare many away), but solely to maintain conversations on this topic.

Step 6

Do not be an open book for the guy you like - try to keep the intrigue in something. The girl, who has ceased to be a little mysterious, will hardly be of interest. Therefore, do not strive to ensure that he knows literally all the details of your life. Until your acquaintance has developed into a really serious real (not virtual) relationship, such openness is absolutely unnecessary. Also, stay positive and upbeat - guys tend to prefer cheerful girls.

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