How To Compose A Dating Ad

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How To Compose A Dating Ad
How To Compose A Dating Ad

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Many single people meet through the Internet, newspapers and thus find their soul mate. In turn, in order to get acquainted through online dating sites or other media, it is necessary to draw up a dating advertisement.

How to compose a dating ad
How to compose a dating ad


Step 1

Register on a dating site. Indicate in the form all the necessary data, upload some of the best photos. If you decide to submit an advertisement for acquaintance in a newspaper or on television, then first write it on paper.

Step 2

Write only reliable information. Write your name, how old you are and what you do (work, education, having children). Also describe your character: kind, gentle, loyal, caring, funny, hot-tempered. Maybe you love children - then be sure to mark it. If you have bad habits, then do not indicate them, and if not, then write: there are no bad habits.

Step 3

Describe your appearance: hair color and length, eye color, height and weight. Indicate what kind of physique you have (thin, slender or overweight). You can also mark your zodiac sign.

Step 4

Indicate the city in which you live. It is not worth reporting the street and house number, unless, of course, you want all your fans to come to you. It is also better not to indicate the phone number, it is best to communicate first by means of correspondence.

Step 5

Mark in the ad who you are looking for: boyfriend (girlfriend), husband or wife. Write what kind of relationship you want to find with this ad. For example, you can formulate it like this: "I am looking for a kind, decent and reliable man who will become my friend, beloved" or "I am looking for a girl to create a strong family."

Step 6

Describe the qualities of the person you would like to meet. Here you can indicate how tall he should be, weight, how old he should be. Maybe you want him to be free of bad habits, or to have no children. Also indicate the hair color of your potential partner and the character traits that he should have. For example: "I am looking for a slender, kind girl to communicate and create a family, from 20 to 30 years old."

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