Signs Of Pregnancy With A Boy

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Signs Of Pregnancy With A Boy
Signs Of Pregnancy With A Boy

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Who will be born - a boy or a girl - this question often torments future parents in the first months, and sometimes until the end of pregnancy. After all, ultrasound can not always give an answer to such a vibrant topic. But in addition to ultrasound examination, some signs and signs can help you determine the sex of the child.

Signs of pregnancy with a boy
Signs of pregnancy with a boy


Step 1

Take a closer look at yourself. If you notice an improvement in appearance - a healthy color and evenness of the skin of the face, then this may indicate that you are pregnant with a boy. There is a popular belief that girls take the beauty from their mother. In addition, a male fetus should add vitality and strength to you, and improve your appetite.

Step 2

Pay attention to the changes in your body. According to folk omens, male hormones of the fetus should add "vegetation" to your lower extremities. For some expectant mothers, fluff begins to break through above the lips. All this should indicate that you are expecting a boy. In addition, your feet will be constantly cold, your nose will be swollen, "potato", and the nipple halos will darken strongly.

Step 3

When the fetus is large, analyze the shape of the abdomen. The stomach is like a "cucumber", sharp, neat, protruding forward - a sure sign that you are expecting a male child. During pregnancy with girls, the belly grows in breadth, encircling the waist. And the increase in volumes is clearly visible from the back. With the shape of a "cucumber" from the rear of a woman it is completely impossible to determine whether she is pregnant or not.

Step 4

Try to notice which foot you are standing on, stepping on, which hand you are leaning on. If all the time on the right - then this can also happen as a sign of pregnancy with a boy. The same, according to the eastern sages, says the heaviness in the stomach on the right side.

Step 5

Pay attention to your taste preferences. During pregnancy, women boys are more often drawn to protein foods - meat, fish, seafood, salty and spicy foods. And when pregnant with a girl - for sweets and fruits.

Step 6

Toxicosis can be another factor in determining the sex of a child. It is popularly believed that when expecting a male child, toxicosis of the first trimester occurs in a milder form, like the entire period of pregnancy. But for mothers of expectant girls, waiting for a baby is more difficult.

Step 7

In addition to monitoring the course of pregnancy, changes in the body and well-being, you can also use computational methods to determine the sex of the child. One of the most famous is for the renewal of the parents' blood. The blood of a man (father) is renewed once every four years. And for a woman (mother) - once every three years. Whose blood will be younger at the time of conception of the fetus - this is the gender and the child will be born. For example, mom is 24 years old and father is 30 years old. 24: 3 = 8, 30: 4 = 7, 5. This means that the father's blood is younger. Accordingly, a boy will be born.

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