How To Guess With The Gender Of The Child

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How To Guess With The Gender Of The Child
How To Guess With The Gender Of The Child

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Humanity has long been tormented by conjectures, who will be born - a boy or a girl? What did the future mothers and fathers do not to make the child of the “desired” sex conceived? It is believed that gender is influenced by the time, place of conception, the physical and emotional state of the spouses, even the posture at the crucial moment and much more.

How to guess with the gender of the child
How to guess with the gender of the child


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You can count on the birth of a boy if the expectant mother is an emotional, decisive woman, inclined both to create problems and to solve them. Apparently in such women androgens (male sex hormones) are produced in excess. By the way, increased sexuality of a woman during pregnancy may also indicate the birth of a boy. It has long been believed that pregnancy by a boy is easier in the first three months, and the belly with such a pregnancy is lower, and the expectant mother usually sleeps on her left side.

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And what signs will indicate the birth of a girl? As you already understood, women who are calm, do not suppress their feminine essence are more likely to give birth to a girl. The girl may be indicated by the fact that in the first trimester of pregnancy, the expectant mother had difficulty with appetite, was picky, and also that it was more convenient for her to sleep on her right side while carrying a child.

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Another interesting method compares the year when the child was conceived with the age of the mother at that moment. The coincidence of even or odd numbers will indicate the birth of a girl, if one of the numbers is even and the other odd, then wait for a boy.

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If you want a daughter, then three months before conception, the following foods should be intensively included in the diet: tea, coffee, calcium mineral water, chocolate, fish and meat - limitedly, chicken eggs, eggplant, beets, asparagus, carrots, green beans, cucumbers, onions, green peas, tomatoes, fruits (except plums, cherries, apricots, bananas, orange currants), as well as unsalted nuts - hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, spices, honey, aromatic herbs. And no smoked meats or sausages. All food should never be oversalted.

Well, if the goal is son, then the "boy's diet": coffee, soda mineral waters - limited, bread, fruit juices, fish of all kinds, sausages and all kinds of meat, biscuits, rice, dry peas, semolina, potatoes, white beans, mushrooms, dates, lentils, dried apricots, prunes, fruits (especially bananas, cherries, apricots, peaches, oranges). It is not recommended to use mineral waters with calcium, seafood (crabs, caviar, shrimps). A minimum of pancakes, dough, pastries with milk, fresh cabbage, green beans, dill, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, almonds.

Step 5

Remember: whose passion was greater at the time of conception, the child will be of that gender. If it was noticed that a woman became more sexy during pregnancy, then wait for a son.

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