Which Hand Is Best To Guess

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Which Hand Is Best To Guess
Which Hand Is Best To Guess

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Fortune telling by hand has always attracted with its mystery. Therefore, the art of palmistry, which has survived several millennia, does not cease to intrigue people of different nationalities to this day.

Mysterious hand reading session
Mysterious hand reading session

When a beginner palmist comes to the divination session itself, he has a question: which hand to guess by - on the right or on the left? The correct answer is to watch with both palms. It should be noted that real professionals often use the expression "read by hand" rather than "guess".

Definition of active hand and passive

For the fortuneteller and the fortuneteller himself, it will be interesting to know that each hand carries its own information about a person. The palmist should determine which hand is active and which is passive. An active hand is that hand that is constantly used by a person during writing, knitting, cooking and other activities in everyday life.

In most cases, the active hand in humans is most often the right. But if the fortuneteller is left-handed, then his active hand is left. There are individuals who are equally good at using both the right hand and the left.

And yet, even in this case, an experienced palmist will carefully question this person - which hand he uses most often in the game, when buttoning buttons, opening doors. And only then will he start fortune-telling. There were times when left-handers were retrained in Russian schools.

They were forced to write with their right hand, but in everyday life, the left-hander also used his left hand. Such an individual can also be classified as someone who is good at both hands. But in this case, his right hand will be considered an active hand.

Reading information from both hands

The lines on the left hand will tell a person about what is destined for him, about the potential of his health, about professional inclinations, about luck, about possible heart romances. The active hand will show how the individual disposes of his destiny. On the lines of the right hand, the palmist will see how much the person deviates from the destiny.

Therefore, for detailed divination, the palmist should study the lines and signs on both hands, compare them. If necessary, then give practical advice. In fact, the palmist must have a theory and some experience. A competent fortuneteller will note: if the lines and other signs on both palms of a person are the same, then this indicates that he precisely follows his life purpose.

And the more coincidences on the right and left hand, the happier the person is. He is very pleased with what fate gives him. For other people, the lines and signs on the active and passive hands can be quite significantly different. Whether this is good or bad depends on individual cases. The palmist will surely tell you the information you need for a person.

You should know and remember the following: while a person lives, makes decisions based on the acquired knowledge, his lines and other signs on his right hand can change regularly: disappear, appear and acquire a brighter color. Therefore, a real palmist will tell you that during a fortune-telling session, information should be read from both hands!

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