How To Understand That A Guy Wants You

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How To Understand That A Guy Wants You
How To Understand That A Guy Wants You

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When communicating with a new acquaintance, a sympathetic work colleague, or with a young man who has aroused your interest for a long time, it is sometimes difficult to understand - he just sympathizes with you or is sexually attracted. In order not to be mistaken and not to make hasty conclusions about a man, you should pay attention to the features of his behavior, including various non-verbal signals.

How to understand that a guy wants you
How to understand that a guy wants you

The behavior of a man who wants a woman

Among men, there are those who speak frankly about their intentions to their ladies, but there are males who are more delicate in matters of sex and convey information about their desires to girls with more hidden methods.

The most common hint among men is an invitation to visit. The reason for this he can name is watching a movie, an extensive collection of music discs, a new apartment design, etc. But the most important reason for this invitation, most likely, is the opportunity to be alone, in an intimate setting. Accordingly, for a woman, such an unambiguous proposal means a signal for action - to be prepared this evening, to look sexy and charming.

If the invitation to visit has not yet followed, but you noticed the man's gestures that draw attention to his intimate parts of the body, this means that he is sending you unconscious signals of a sexual nature. For example, if a man puts his hands in his pockets, often touches the belt of his trousers, spreads his legs wide when talking to you, this may indicate that he wants you.

The gestures of the man who wants you

A man's frequent unobtrusive desire to touch your body may also indicate that he has sexual desire for you. This may be an attempt to help step over an obstacle, supporting the waist, stroking, unexpected accidental touch. If you often catch his eyes fixed on your chest, this proves once again that the man wants you.

In addition to the above gestures, signaling that a man wants you, there are others. For example, often straightening clothes when communicating, unbuttoning a shirt, pulling on a jacket, he unconsciously seeks to take off his clothes, being with you in an intimate setting.

Freud on sexual attraction

In the teachings of Freud, there is a description of those gestures that speak of sexual desire for a partner. If you observe that during a conversation a man plays with various elongated objects (a pen, a ruler, a telephone) and at the same time he manipulates them in such a way that it resembles the rhythms of movement in sex, we can confidently say that this is a clear sign of a strong sexual desire.

When a man proceeds to more decisive actions, followed by touching intimate parts of the body, unbuttoning clothes, but no further development occurs, this may indicate insecurity in his partner. Perhaps he thinks that you are not ready for this or do not share his desires. If, nevertheless, you feel mutual attraction, it is worth hinting about this to your partner.

These are not all signs of male attraction behavior. Among them there may be such hints that are difficult to discern even for an experienced seductress. In this case, it is better for the woman to take the initiative herself - perhaps then the man will allow himself to act more openly.

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