How To Understand That A Guy Wants To Break Up

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How To Understand That A Guy Wants To Break Up
How To Understand That A Guy Wants To Break Up

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Parting with a loved one is always very sad and unpleasant, especially when it happens unexpectedly. It seems that yesterday everything was perfect, but today for some reason he offers to remain friends. Well, how is it, you think at this time, why? But there were signs that indicated his desire to leave, you just did not see them, did not pay attention, did not notice, looking at everything through pink glasses of love. Objectively looking at the relationship, you can always understand that the loved one wants to break up with you. What are these signs?

How to understand that a guy wants to break up
How to understand that a guy wants to break up


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Lovers dissolve in each other, they are ready to spend days together, they cannot imagine life without each other. When the relationship cools down, constant intimacy begins to bore you, you want to devote more time to your beloved. If your boyfriend constantly finds reasons not to be with you, this should alert you. Of course, you do not need to immediately panic, maybe he has a lot of work, or problems in the family, but you never know what can distract him. But frequent absences from friends without you is not a good sign.

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Another call should be the reluctance of your beloved man to make plans for the future. Of course, a rare guy will discuss your future family life, children and grandchildren on a daily basis. And the very talk of getting married scares many. But if a man does not want to even discuss a joint vacation in the near future or plan holidays and entertainment, then he is clearly sure that you will not do this together.

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Men are polygamous by nature - this is a fact, and no man considers it shameful to discuss a beautiful woman or look after a long-legged blonde. However, active communication with other women, especially with one specific one, should alert you very much. Even seemingly harmless online communication can lead to real relationships that ruin your idyll. Frequent and long telephone conversations with women, business lunches with a female colleague, visiting nightclubs and bars without you should raise suspicion.

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A loving man is always ready to please his girlfriend. He gives her flowers, gifts, sweets, postcards with romantic signatures. When a man's feelings grow cold, he forgets about it. Yes, and spending money on a woman with whom you do not plan to continue a relationship seems stupid to them. This is especially true for men from the business sphere, who consider relationships with women to be one of the forms of investment, a contribution to a happy future.

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When planning a life with his beloved woman, a man, as a rule, resigns himself to the need to communicate with the relatives of his future wife. He tries to please his parents, find a common language with brothers and sisters. When he does not have plans for a long communication with you, he does not seek communication with your loved ones. And she's not going to introduce a temporary passion to her family either.

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