The Best Way To Turn A Girl On

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The Best Way To Turn A Girl On
The Best Way To Turn A Girl On

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If your goal is to be the perfect lover that all women dream of, take it for granted that women get aroused much slower than men. If a man is able to come to full combat readiness only at the sight of a naked beauty or stimulation of the main erogenous zone, then girls need much more time to be aroused. Remember the basic rule - if you want to transfer a girl to the horizontal and leave behind amazing memories, aim first at her brain, and only then at her body.


Step 1

The emotional component plays a key role in a woman's arousal. Do not rush, do not try to quickly seduce your chosen one, even if you both guess that you will have sex today. Be gallant, kind, you can afford a couple of witty jokes of an intimate nature, but no more. This will leave the woman at a loss - why aren't you trying to seduce her? This behavior will help you break the pattern in her head and pique her curiosity. Most likely, she will give out the first hints of a desire for intimacy, turning the conversation into a more intimate channel or trying to close the distance between you.

Step 2

Many men underestimate the role of scenery in arousing women. Women dream to be loved beautifully. Plan for this and prepare everything in advance. It doesn't matter where it will be - on the roof, in a park with a beautiful view, in a hotel or at your home - everything, including you, should be pleasing to the eye.

Step 3

The ideal seduction of women begins in her mind. Make her fantasize about having sex with you and burn with impatience. Thinking about intimacy with you, she will start to get aroused long before you touch, and perhaps she will be the first to pounce on you.

Step 4

At this stage, it is important to catch the right moment and move on to the first body contact. Touch her hand, stroke her hair, say something in her ear so that your lips almost touch hers. This will give an opportunity to get used to you. Pay close attention to her reaction - if the girl smiles and does not push you away, then you are moving in the right direction. If not, take a step back and start over. It is important to learn to distinguish between false resistance, the fear of appearing too approachable, or the desire to be conquered, with a real negative reaction.

Step 5

Start whispering light obscenities to her, lightly touching your cheeks with your lips and hugging her around the waist. If the girl blushed and her breathing became more frequent, then she is already aroused enough for more persistent caresses. Try kissing a girl, slow down slightly and wait for her reaction to meet. If you did everything right, she will kiss you first.

Step 6

You can tell the girl how it will be while caressing her whole body in parallel. Fantasize out loud about exactly how you will have sex, forcing her to connect to the dialogue. Alternate tenderness with light rudeness, many women are very turned on. Don't be afraid to be tough if it's appropriate for the setting and temperament of your lady.

Step 7

By this time, the woman will already be quite aroused, which can be finally convinced by feeling the moisture in the right place. If this does not happen, walk through the erogenous zones again. Start at the neck, go down to the collarbones, dropping lower and lower. Or vice versa, rise from the feet, to the inner thighs and further to the goal. Sex after such a foreplay will be very bright, and both you and your chosen one will remember for a long time.

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