How To Surprise A Friend

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How To Surprise A Friend
How To Surprise A Friend

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Perhaps everyone will agree that the main thing in a surprise is surprise. Besides, the surprise should be pleasant. So, if you decide to surprise your friend on her birthday or other holiday, you will have to try hard. Of course, it is better to prepare in advance so that no overlaps happen on the significant day.

How to surprise a friend
How to surprise a friend


Step 1

The hardest part is figuring out what kind of surprise you will make. To do this, you first need to figure out what kind of person your girlfriend is. If she is bright, cheerful and relaxed, then the following option is suitable as an original congratulation gift. Gather the company and arrange a party for her in the club: rent a booth for the evening, decorate with balloons and posters with congratulations, order a personalized cake from the chef and arrange with the waiter to bring it in at the right time.

As an option - a party in a limousine or on a boat.

Step 2

If your friend is a romantic person, then you can surprise her in the following way. Write a congratulation on the asphalt, call your friend outside at midnight before the start of your birthday, and then with her release a bunch of balloons or a Chinese lantern into the sky. She will certainly remember such an event for a long time.

Step 3

If your girlfriend is shy and shy, try making a surprise that will help her open up a little. For example, you can order a professional photo session for her, which she herself would never have dared to do. A good photographer will be able to find an approach to even the most shy model, and you will have wonderful pictures as a souvenir.

Step 4

Are you friends with a real extreme? Then your imagination can be limitless. Hang gliding, parachute jumping, bungee jumping and much more will be an excellent entertainment option for a holiday.

Step 5

Celebrating, however, is one part of the surprise. The second part is a gift. You need to choose it in accordance with the character and interests of a friend. If she is a fashionista and a shopaholic, the best gift for her would be a bag with clothes from her favorite store or a certificate for cosmetics. If she takes great care of her appearance, give her a spa trip. If she dreams of a new profession, pay for her first lessons in specialized courses. A good way to choose a gift is to listen carefully to the person. Surely, in a conversation with you, a friend accidentally talked about what she would like to buy or, during your joint shopping trips, paid attention to some things.

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