How To Check The Betrayal Of His Wife

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How To Check The Betrayal Of His Wife
How To Check The Betrayal Of His Wife

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Is she cheating on me? This question is asked not only by jealous people. Suspicions of infidelity sometimes torment those who consider themselves a happy family man, and, it would seem, have no reason for such fears. Anxious guesses keep you awake, and jealousy has become an obsession? There are simple ways to check if your other half is cheating on you.

Suspicions of treason poison life
Suspicions of treason poison life


Step 1

Refuse the temptation - do not read your wife's SMS messages, do not check her mail, and do not hire a hacker to hack into her Odnoklassniki page. One has only to start, and the idea of ​​total control will subjugate your whole life, everything else will be unimportant. Now you are full of suspicions, even an innocent message: "how are you, let's meet" can unsettle you. A school friend could have written to her, but you have boiled over and have already given yourself a vow in the event of a divorce, to keep the dacha for yourself! Cool down, do not do anything in the heat of the moment.

Step 2

Just watch your wife's behavior. If your wife suddenly becomes interested in hang gliding, this does not mean that she was seduced by a handsome pilot. However, it will not be superfluous to find out in which company she studies the structure of hang gliders at her leisure.

Step 3

Try to spend more time with your wife. Listen to her requests, pay attention to her mood. Trust is important in a marriage; good spouses are usually best friends. Become her friend, especially if your intimate relationship is far from perfect. Let her understand what she has, what to lose, and she will dispel your suspicions.

Step 4

Don't neglect shared companies. Go with your wife to her friend's birthday, even if you've stubbornly ignored such invitations before. There is a chance that old acquaintances are aware of your spouse's personal life. As a rule, it is not difficult to find out details from them over a glass of wine.

Step 5

If suspicions still do not leave you, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them, it is not forbidden to turn to the services of private detectives. However, remember that this is a last resort. In case, because of anxiety, you practically do not sleep and have long lost your appetite. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, a visit to a psychologist will not be superfluous. Especially if it turns out that you wasted your money on the detective, and your suspicion had no basis.

Step 6

However, the best way to test fidelity is to have a direct conversation. This commonplace method is considered by many to be useless - after all, you can always pretend. But psychologists say that hiding the real feeling, no matter how great an actress your wife is, will not work. Especially if the question of treason catches her by surprise. When talking, look her in the eyes, the liar is unlikely to want to meet your gaze. As a rule, the intonation gives out the malicious cheaters - too emotional.

Step 7

Before resorting to radical options, consider whether you want to know the truth. Maybe sometimes it's better to live in ignorance? Fleeting hobbies pass, but are you ready to break up? Unfaithfulness exposed is something you will have to live with. And remember this for many years.

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