Why Husbands Cheat On Their Wives

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Why Husbands Cheat On Their Wives
Why Husbands Cheat On Their Wives

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Since the inception of the institution of marriage, the question of why husbands cheat on their wives has not lost its relevance. Every woman, faced with the problem of the infidelity of her chosen one, asks this almost rhetorical question. But there is no definite answer.

Why husbands cheat on their wives
Why husbands cheat on their wives


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The bonds of marriage, the chains of marriage People are the owners. They don't like to share their favorite things: clothes, books, computers, spouses. Very often it is difficult for a woman to accept the fact that although a man is ready to take on marital duties and be responsible, he does not at all consider himself someone's property. It is important for a man to feel free not only in choosing a dish for lunch, but also in choosing sexual partners.

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Science Scientists come to the rescue of the stronger sex, claiming that monogamy in nature is extremely rare. It is peculiar to swans, vole mice, but not to representatives of the human race. And under the slogan "Polygamy is our everything!" a man goes to conquer other people's bed tops, especially since there are plenty of ready-made "females" around. Call of nature. And, as you know, you can't go against nature.

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Dissatisfaction Even a beloved wife's temperament may not match her husband's sexual needs. Staying faithful by closing off every day for self-indulgence in the bathroom can be humiliating or even offensive for a man. He seeks a body to satisfy his appetites, but when he is full, he returns to his wife. At best, with a sense of guilt, at worst - with an "interesting" illness.

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Boredom Married partners can grow spiritually alongside each other. But if a man morally and spiritually outgrew his wife (or vice versa - lagged behind her in development), he will look for a woman of “his own level,” the one that would arouse his interest. Men do not always love only the female body, they also need the opportunity to talk with their partner before or after sex on "smart" topics. If the spouse cannot keep up the conversation, stuck in TV shows, diapers and gossip, the man may lose sexual interest in her.

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Habit When a man has studied his wife's body from all sides, knows about her addictions in sex, her needs and monotonous desires, he may want something new. Not because he stopped liking his wife, but because he was already fed up with her and wants to experience new sensations. Along with this, you can remember that a man needs to be a winner. It is important for him to know that he can be of interest not only to his wife, but also to other women.

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Farewell, love A man has stopped loving his wife, he is annoyed by her presence, he feels trapped, but is not yet ready to say out loud the phrase "Let's get divorced." He ceases to pay attention to his wife, believing that he no longer owes her anything, and he has no responsibility to her, because parting for him is a decided matter. This means that his sex life already concerns only him alone.

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