How To Seduce A Ram

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How To Seduce A Ram
How To Seduce A Ram

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Aries men are very sexy. Physical intimacy plays a very important role for him in a relationship. If a woman is able to satisfy the sexual needs of Aries, the relationship can last a very long time.

How to seduce a ram
How to seduce a ram


Step 1

Aries love to be attended to. Therefore, try to interest the Aries man by complimenting him. But keep in mind, the compliment must be sincere, since the Aries man does not tolerate lies.

Step 2

Sometimes, in order to seduce an Aries man, it is enough to frankly tell him about your interest. That is, just invite him to continue the evening in an intimate setting, for example, in your apartment or in his apartment. Usually an Aries man appreciates such straightforwardness.

Step 3

Oddly enough, the opposite strategy may well work with an Aries man: make you strive. The Aries man will gladly engage in an exciting competition for your attention.

Step 4

Aries men love red, so revealing clothes or underwear of this color is great to spur their sexual appetites. But at the same time, most Aries do not tolerate pink. They also like clothes made of fur or genuine leather. In general, Aries love it when a woman is dressed fashionably and with a twist, but not ultra-modern.

Step 5

In bed, the Aries man appreciates variety. This applies not only to the process itself, but also to the place where it takes place. So, many Aries get very turned on if intimacy occurs in some unusual place. Despite his egocentrism, Aries will never forget about his partner and in any circumstances will try to give her maximum pleasure.

Step 6

Aries' erogenous zones are located on the face and head. They love it when a woman lightly touches their hair, forehead, cheeks, lips and closed eyes, bites their earlobes.

Step 7

If you want to not only seduce, but also fall in love with an Aries man, be independent, unpredictable and self-confident, but at the same time very feminine, romantic and passionate. In no case do not run after him, and even more so, do not try to patronize, but do not push him away either.

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