How To Treat Pinworm In Children

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How To Treat Pinworm In Children
How To Treat Pinworm In Children

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Helminths are parasitic worms; when they enter the human body, they begin to feed on the "host". One of the most common diseases in children caused by pinworm worms is enterobiasis. Mostly children of preschool and school age suffer from it. How to cure enterobiasis (or pinworm) in a child?

How to treat pinworm in children
How to treat pinworm in children


Step 1

Remember that pinworm infestation occurs through contact with contaminated objects and surfaces: outdoor shoes, toys, floors, public places at school; on the street: sandpit, ground, contact with animals. Pinworms are also easily infected from child to child through unwashed hands.

Step 2

Pay attention to the symptoms of enterobiasis. Chief among them: itching in the perineum and anus. Because of this, the child's sleep, appetite is disturbed, the baby becomes moody. Other symptoms include loose stools (optional) and coughing (sometimes pinworm larvae can enter the respiratory tract).

Step 3

Contact a specialist with your child, undergo an examination and get tested for enterobiasis, if you suspect that the child is sick.

Step 4

Treat pinworms only if the examination actually showed the presence of parasites in the analysis. You should not give medicines for worms based only on suspicion or the presence of a symptom. All antihelminthic drugs are toxic to one degree or another.

Step 5

Use your doctor's prescribed anthelmintic drugs for treatment. The most effective drugs for the treatment of enterobiasis in children are: Pirantel, Mebendazole, Vermox.

Step 6

Give your child medications, strictly following the instructions, unless the doctor prescribes a different treatment regimen. After all, each age group has its own dosage. As a rule, for the treatment of enterobiasis, pyrantel is calculated as follows: per 1 kg of the child's body weight - 10-12 mg of pyrantel once. "Vermox" and "Mebendazole" are prescribed for children aged 2-10 years, 25-50 mg once. Children over 10 years old - 100 mg once.

Give medicine to your child after meals.

Step 7

Be sure to repeat the course of treatment after 2 weeks. The purpose of such a course is to prevent the development of re-infection at the time of the first administration of the drug.

Step 8

Restore your child's intestinal microflora after treatment. There are special biological products containing bacteria, for example: "Bifidumbacterin" or "Linex".

Step 9

Conduct a control examination of the child for enterobiasis. Of course, modern drugs for the treatment of helminthic invasions are effective, but sometimes enterobiasis proceeds quite persistently and it becomes necessary to conduct additional control tests.

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