How To Collect Urine From A Newborn

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How To Collect Urine From A Newborn
How To Collect Urine From A Newborn

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The birth of a child is the most important, the most joyful, the most touching event in the life of every married couple. With the birth of a baby, parents have many questions about caring for a baby. One of the very first situations, which will certainly puzzle both mom and dad, is collecting urine from a newborn for analysis. Babies of the first year of life do not yet know how to control urination, so it is really difficult to collect urine from them.

Urine analysis should only be collected in a carefully sterilized container
Urine analysis should only be collected in a carefully sterilized container


Step 1

For tests, the earliest morning urine is usually needed, preferably a middle portion. But, since collecting urine from a newborn is already quite problematic, and it is almost impossible to take an average portion of it, any morning urine is suitable for analysis.

Step 2

Before collecting urine from a newborn, wash the baby with warm water and soap. Girls and boys, of course, need to be washed in different ways. For boys, it is enough to thoroughly wash the external genitals, and girls should be washed in the direction from the genitals to the priest.

Step 3

To collect urine from a newborn girl, prepare a plate that has been previously scalded with boiling water. It should be placed under the baby's ass.

It is easier to collect urine from newborn boys for analysis than from girls, so you can prepare a small glass jar from baby food, also pre-scalded with boiling water.

Step 4

Urination in newborns occurs quite often, so you won't have to wait long. Gently stroking or pressing with a warm hand on your baby's lower tummy will speed up the wait.

Step 5

To make the newborn baby urinate as soon as possible, you can drink it with lukewarm water. At the same time, a plate should be ready under the girl's booty, and a jar should be next to the boy's penis.

Step 6

Urination in newborns also causes the murmur of water. Therefore, it will be very effective to pour liquid from one dish to another near the baby. By the way, the procedure for collecting urine according to this principle is convenient to carry out in the bathroom.

Step 7

Nowadays, pharmacies sell special urine collectors for collecting urine samples from newborns. One such urine bag is a transparent pouch with an adhesive backing that attaches to your baby's skin. This modern device is suitable for collecting urine from both boys and girls. A special urine collector for babies is inconvenient because toddlers often manage to peel it off from themselves. To prevent this, a diaper should be put on over the bag.

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