From Passion To Love: 7 Stages Of A Relationship

From Passion To Love: 7 Stages Of A Relationship
From Passion To Love: 7 Stages Of A Relationship

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Many couples mistakenly consider the passion that breaks out between a man and a woman at the very beginning of a relationship as true love. However, as soon as the romance goes away and the first difficulties in the relationship begin, the lovers believe that the feelings are gone, the love is over. In fact, true love cannot just end like that, it means that it simply did not exist.

From passion to love: 7 stages of a relationship
From passion to love: 7 stages of a relationship

Passion or candy-bouquet period

When a man and a woman only fall in love with each other, violent chemical reactions take place in their bodies. They see the world around them in bright rainbow colors. They look at their partner and notice in him only what they want to see during this magical period of falling in love. People are, as it were, in a state of drug intoxication and cannot adequately assess the situation.

Satedness, sobering up

The candy-bouquet period in a relationship is replaced by a sobering moment. The avalanche of emotions begins to gradually subside and the glasses through which the lovers used to look at each other are no longer so pink. A person begins to assess his partner more soberly and a period of reassessment of values ​​begins. Now you start to trust each other more and behave more naturally.

Rejection, rejection

This stage is typical for almost all long-term relationships. In moments of rejection, quarrels begin between people. Now, on the contrary, lovers begin to concentrate their attention on each other's shortcomings. Mutual nagging and accusations often sometimes lead to parting, but if you gain strength and start working on relationships, then the next, quieter stage in love will inevitably come.

Patience, understanding

The disagreements between the lovers continue, but they are no longer fatal. The quarrels end and the relationship is restored again. Partners gradually learn to understand and accept each other with all the disadvantages. Understanding and worldly wisdom comes.

Respect and a sense of duty

This is the final stage of the candy-bouquet period and the first stage of true love. It is from mutual respect that a real deep feeling is born. Selfishness. Inherent in people, fades into the background and lovers are already beginning to think as a couple. Now they often begin to think about their partner and try to make him happier.

Close friendship

Lovers already communicate with each other as true close friends. They confide intimate secrets to each other and share pressing problems, trying to find their solution together.

True love

Few people have such happiness in life - to experience true love in family life. Love cannot arise accidentally and suddenly. She gradually grows up over the years and goes through many difficult life trials.

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