Why You Can Not Cut A Child Up To A Year

Why You Can Not Cut A Child Up To A Year
Why You Can Not Cut A Child Up To A Year

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Often a young mother can hear that a child should not cut hair until one year old. But it is not always possible to get an answer to the counter question, "why". A common answer is “because it’s the way it should be”! So why?

Pochemu nel'zja strich 'rebenka do goda
Pochemu nel'zja strich 'rebenka do goda

Among the most popular justifications are the following points of view.


You cannot cut a child until one year old, because the skin on the head is very delicate, the hair follicles are not formed, the fontanelle is not tightened. All of this can be important when shaving a baby. If you just cut it neatly, then there will be no problems. On the contrary, as pediatricians say, interfering hair in the eyes of a child can harm the child's eyesight. And food can get tangled in long hair.

Religious pagan

A number of religions, pagans, for example, have such a belief that hair retains the vitality of a person. This applies not only to children, but also to adults. In this case, if you are a pagan and adhere to all the canons of this direction, then your hair should never be cut, even trimmed. Moreover, men do not shave their mustaches and beards. In other religions, there is a setting that the first strand of hair is cut off when the baby is baptized. If you are not an adherent of such religions, then these attitudes do not concern you either.


There is such a sign that if you cut the hair of a child under one year old, then he will need life. This belief has come to us since ancient times. It was also believed that not only hair, but also nails should not be cut. Now imagine what will happen if the child does not cut their nails for so long. They will simply break off themselves, injuring the baby's delicate fingers. A child can scratch his face, and at the same time everything involved. If you, for example, adhere to Orthodoxy, have baptized or are going to baptize a child, then most likely you know how the church treats this kind of superstition.

In any case, blindly believing everything that is said is not worth it. Common sense in everything and always does not hurt.

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