Why Are You 35 And You Are Still Not Married?

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Why Are You 35 And You Are Still Not Married?
Why Are You 35 And You Are Still Not Married?

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Many women get married very early. And already at the age of 25 they manage to go for a promotion at their favorite job and build family happiness. Some do not manage to meet their man even at 35 years old. It is worth understanding the possible reasons for such bad luck.

Why are you 35 and you are still not married?
Why are you 35 and you are still not married?

The reasons for the lack of family happiness in a woman

There are many reasons why a woman at 35 cannot find her man. However, among them, the most common ones can be distinguished.

Employment in youth

When you were young, you could pursue your studies and career. There was no time for marriage. And now all your peers are already married, or divorced. And those who by this time have never had a serious and long-term relationship, well, they are rather mediocre personalities. So, in general, there are very few people to choose from.

Lack of sincere feelings for a young man

You really want to get married. And this desire becomes a fix idea. Those. it's not about the fact that you met a man with whom you feel good together, you love each other and want to start a family. This is about the fact that you want to get married. And for whom? Yes, all the same, just to get the coveted stamp in the passport and walk around the registry office in a white dress, and then on a honeymoon trip.

This attitude is felt. A man who encounters such behavior of a woman realizes that he, in fact, is being used. An indifferent attitude turns men off.

Lack of self-love

Perhaps you don't love yourself enough. To be appreciated by others, you need to solve problems with your own low self-esteem. Until you accept yourself, you should not count on the fact that you will have a good relationship with a man that will end in marriage.

You are in a long-term relationship, but you are not married yet

Perhaps you are already in a long-term relationship, you have even lived together for several years. But the man is "not ready", "thinks", etc. In this case, you should understand that it is permissible to think and look closely for no longer than a year. Some people understand everything after a couple of months of meetings.

If more than a year has passed, and the man is still thinking and trying to understand, the question needs to be put bluntly. If he says that it is too early, it means that he will never be ready. Often, a woman living with a man without a stamp in her passport considers herself to be a family man. But her partner may adhere to a different position. Such a relationship should be terminated, because in this case, a man is already fine, he does not want to take legal responsibility.

You don't want to get married yourself

Sometimes women who have already been married understand how much the world revolves around a man. A spouse can help his wife with housework. It is to help, and this implies that all life still rests on the shoulders of a woman.

Accordingly, after a hard day's work, the spouse must work, so to speak, on the second shift. Prepare food, wash the apartment, wash clothes. And the man, so be it, will help her. Take out the trash, wash the dishes. Moreover, it is possible that he will present this, as if he did a great favor.

A woman who lives alone spends much less resources on everyday life. Now more and more women deliberately do not marry just because they do not want to invest in household chores to the maximum, receiving a minimum.

Male environment

There are men who, for one reason or another, do not want to get married. It is possible that you are surrounded by men with a similar position. In this case, it is worth changing your social circle.

Advice for Single Women

If you are already 35, and a loving man is still not around, do not despair. First of all, you need to figure out what is going wrong in your situation.

It’s important to stop explaining to anyone why you’re still free. The absence of the fact of marriage does not make you defective. Particularly annoying acquaintances need to be stopped immediately.After all, the more you justify yourself, the more pressure from others you can feel on yourself. Many people like to feel their own superiority, and if in other respects they are a loser, marriage can be used by them as the last trump card.

Every woman needs attention from the opposite sex. Therefore, you should not sit at home and wait for the prince to gallop to your house. Go on dates, expand your social circle (fortunately, there are dating sites). This does not oblige you to anything at all. If the meeting goes in the wrong direction, you can interrupt it at any time.

Often women are ready to give their unspent love, but there is no one. If you start to take care of a man, it is not a fact that he will reciprocate. You need to be prepared for this. Therefore, it is better to give the accumulated supply of love to yourself (take time for yourself, pamper with something). There are many girlish joys that you can provide for yourself on your own, without waiting for someone to do it.

Find a hobby that can truly captivate you. Life will become eventful and interesting, and there will simply be no time for suffering. In addition, the likelihood of meeting your man will increase.

List your strengths. The more detailed the better. Such an outstanding personality is simply doomed to male attention.

If worrisome thoughts about the lack of personal life do not leave in any way, it is worth contacting a psychologist. A specialist will help you change your attitude towards yourself and the world around you.

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