What To Write To A Guy When Breaking Up

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What To Write To A Guy When Breaking Up
What To Write To A Guy When Breaking Up

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Relationships do not always end with a wedding, sometimes love passes, and thoughts of parting arise. After seriously considering the situation and deciding to take this step, you need to inform the guy about it.

What to write to a guy when breaking up
What to write to a guy when breaking up

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Step 1

Set the stage for a breakup ahead of time. Meet less often, talk less, let him know that there is a split in the relationship. If the breakup happens unexpectedly, it will be difficult for him to believe in it and come to terms. And if he remembers that there was a split in the relationship, it will be easier for him to accept the fact of separation.

Step 2

Of course, it is better to report the breakup in person to show your respect for your partner. But if you find it difficult or inconvenient to communicate such news to your eyes, use a letter. But not an SMS message, because it contains a small number of characters. Better to write a letter by hand or, as a last resort, in private messages on social networks.

Step 3

Think about the reasons that led to your breakup. If there is nothing offensive in them for the guy, you can indicate them in the letter. But only if it does not concern his appearance, material wealth or other personal problems. You can talk about your incompatibility, for example, if you want to have children, but he is not ready for them.

Step 4

Do not sort things out and do not blame him for something. The last letter should leave a good impression of you, and you should not bring up old grievances, scandals and remember his mistakes.

Step 5

Don't give up hope. The letter should make it clear that everything is over between you. If he has faith in your future, the young man will not be able to go further. So write that you thought about the situation and weighed everything well. You are firmly convinced that you have no future, and the best thing to do is to part now.

Step 6

Wish you good luck and a happy personal life. Write that you sincerely wish him to find mutual love with another girl who will appreciate him, and they will be happy. Remind you not to get discouraged and close in yourself.

Step 7

Do not try to hurt the young man. There is no need to add to the letter "I never loved you" or "you are terrible in bed." Sometimes there is a desire to express everything that has been accumulated over the years, but more often then regret about the deed comes. It is better to write two versions of the letter: in one, express all your thoughts, and in the other, remove the insults and barbs. Send the second option, and burn or tear the first one.

Step 8

If you did not use social networks, but a letter, put it in an envelope. You can type a letter on a computer, print it out, and manually write your name below. You need to leave a message in a conspicuous place to be sure of delivery. It’s embarrassing if you’re sure of your breakup and he never gets your message. Throw in the mailbox, in the pocket of his coat, or leave it on the table in his apartment.

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