How To Choose A Bottle For A Newborn

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How To Choose A Bottle For A Newborn
How To Choose A Bottle For A Newborn

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Regardless of how you feed your newborn, you will need a bottle. She will come in handy to leave a portion of milk if mom needs to go away on business. If your baby is bottle-fed or formula-fed, you will need several bottles. The choice of the first children's tableware for a newborn must be approached with all responsibility.

How to choose a bottle for a newborn
How to choose a bottle for a newborn


Step 1

There is now an extensive range of baby feeding bottles on sale. Buy baby dishes from pharmacies or specialized stores and give preference to products from well-known manufacturers.

Step 2

Pay attention to the material the bottle is made of. The glass bottle is environmentally friendly, easy to clean and sterilize, and is ideal for newborn babies. But when the baby grows up a little, it is better to replace it with a polypropylene bottle. This material is an excellent alternative to glass. These bottles are also easy to use. Their only drawback is their slightly unclear appearance.

Step 3

Plastic bottles are very popular. They are unbreakable, lightweight and comfortable. However, they need to be changed quite often, which mothers sometimes forget. The problem is that with repeated heating and cooling, small cracks form in plastic bottles, where pathogenic bacteria can develop.

Step 4

When choosing the shape of your feeding bottle, consider how easy it will be to clean it. After all, the cleanliness of children's dishes is very important for the health of the baby. If the child already knows how to hold a bottle, then buy a model equipped with comfortable handles.

Step 5

If your toddler has digestive problems, get an anti-colic bottle. They have a special design that prevents air from being swallowed during feeding.

Step 6

Physiological bottles are ideal for complementary foods. They are very soft and resemble a woman's breast in shape. Thanks to this design, these bottles do not spoil the sucking skill and do not interfere with further breastfeeding.

Step 7

The bottles also differ in their volume. For a newborn, buy dishes up to 100 ml. For a child from six months, purchase a 200 ml bottle. To avoid health problems, change bottles every one to two months.

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