How To Name The Baby

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How To Name The Baby
How To Name The Baby

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Choosing a name for a newborn is a responsible business. The attitude of others largely depends on this, especially if parents do not like common names and would prefer something more rare. For a new person to feel comfortable in this new world for him, adults must take into account several circumstances.

How to name the baby
How to name the baby

It is necessary

  • - a dictionary of names;
  • - church calendar;
  • - horoscope.


Step 1

Read aloud a dictionary of the most common names. Write down names that neither you nor other family members have negative associations with. If one of the relatives with some name has unpleasant memories, this will certainly affect his attitude towards the baby, even if the person himself does not realize it.

Step 2

Pronounce each of the chosen names in combination with a middle name. This is important for both girls and boys. Cross out names from your list that sound comical or dissonant together with a middle name.

Step 3

Check that each of the last names on your list matches. Of course, in the future, the child can change the surname. For a daughter, this is not necessary, although it is absolutely natural. But do you want your son to do the same?

Step 4

When naming a boy, think about your future grandchildren. Of course, holding a baby in his arms, it is very difficult to believe that one day he will have children of his own. But try to have a beautiful middle name

Step 5

In some families, it is customary to name a newborn after a relative. This must be approached very carefully. In some nations, children are given the names of deceased family members; in others, it is customary to name babies in honor of living grandfathers and grandmothers. If the relative is alive, ask if he will mind the fact that he will have a namesake. People relate to this in different ways, someone may not like such a step.

Step 6

If you believe that the location of the stars and constellations affects the fate of a person, do not forget to check your horoscope. In a family of believers, it is customary to choose a patron saint for a baby. Take a look at the church calendar and see on which saint your child was born. If there are several saints, choose the most euphonious name.

Step 7

Having decided to name the child by a foreign name, do not be too lazy to look into the dictionary and see what such a beautiful-sounding incomprehensible word means. Translation can be very disappointing. Perhaps, in his hometown, no one will pay attention to an unusual and not very good name, but it is possible that your newborn will someday travel and end up in a country where they know the translation of his name. Do not create unnecessary problems for your child.

Step 8

Parents who intend to move abroad usually name their child by a name that will sound good in the language of that country. This is a generally sensible approach, because the baby will have to adapt to the new environment. But you can choose a name for him that will sound good both in a foreign language and in Russian. After all, all the same, in your native land, you will have relatives and friends who should be able to pronounce the name of your child correctly.

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